Itching after contact with cats

Bill Ellis Fleenor efleenor at
Mon Oct 6 02:41:17 EST 1997

72074.3272 at wrote:
> I just visited a friend who has a lot of cats (but no visible fleas anywhere).
> I started itching like crazy soon after cats started rubbing up against me.
> I check visually, and didn't see any fleas.
> I'm still itching a little, even after a shower.
> Any suggestions as to parasites / allergies might cause this symptom ?
> Thanks, Bob

You may have an allergy to cats, causing contact dermatitis.

According to the book 'Allergies A to Z', "The major allergen from
Felis domestica, the domestic cat, is produced by the salivary and
sebaceous glands and is found in the pelt, dander, saliva, and urine.
Inhalation of the antigen can cause allergic rhinitis, allergic
conjunctivitis, or asthma."

The cure is avoidance, and washing after touching cats.
You could wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and gloves
when you visit friends with cats.

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