Monkey Room Debacle Goes Global

Robert S. Lewis macaque at
Thu Jun 25 23:34:34 EST 1998

   I am trying to find out whether or not anyone would be interested in
seeing my website, The Monkey Room Debacle
(, and all of its associated pages
including the Tropical Diseases page
( in German, French,
Portuguese, Spanish, or Italian.  If people are interested, I will
gladly translate the website to those languages!
   Please also suggest appropriate links and any contributions would be
welcome.  If you send a non-copyrighted picture of a primate with a
parasitic infection I will name my first-born son or daughter after
you!  :-)

Thank you!
Bob Lewis


Robert S. Lewis
e-mail: macaque at
The Monkey Room Debacle (

"The protruding nail always gets hammered"

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