Salivarian Trypanosomes (Virtual Conference)

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The Second World Meeting on Salivarian Trypanosomes by Internet

                              (SWMST  9- 19 March 1998)

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The abstracts of the SWMST are available at the WWW site:

Also, we are annexing the Scientific Program for your information.

       Alberto M. R. Davila         &          Roberto Aguilar M. S. Silva
         EMBRAPA/Centro de Pesquisa Agropecuaria do Pantanal



Aims of the OIE ad hoc group on NTTAT 
Louis Touratier - Secretary/Coordinator, OIE ad hoc group on NTTAT


The likely role of pigs and deer in the spread of Trypanosoma evansi
in Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. Reid SA, Husein A, Copeman DB,
Hutchinson GW - James Cook University (Australia) 

Bovine Trypanosomosis in Brazilian and Bolivian lowlands: Evidence for
disease spreading by cattle routes Roberto Aguilar M. S. Silva &
Alberto M. R. Davila - EMBRAPA/CPAP (Brazil) 

Seroprevalence of Equine Trypanosomosis in the Pantanal 
Alberto M. R. Davila & Roberto Aguilar M. S. Silva - EMBRAPA/CPAP

Tuesday 10 - SPECIAL SESSION: 

Characterization of Trypanosoma rangeli strains isolated in Central
and South America Edmundo C. Grisard - Universidade Federal de Santa
Catarina (Brazil) 

The circulation of trypanosomatids in the sylvatic environment 
Ana Maria Jansen - FIOCRUZ (Brazil) 


Histidine phosphorylation in T. brucei 
Thomas Seebeck - University of Bern (Switzerland) 

Laboratory and field evaluation of biodegradable polyesters for
sustained release of isometamidium and ethidium Stanny Geerts -
Institute of Tropical Medicine (Belgium) 

Innate resistance to African trypanosomiasis 
S. J. Black, Qin Wang, Jun Wang, Madhavi Muranjan, Jan G. - University
of Massachusetts (USA) 

The dynamics of calcium homeostasis in African trypanosomes 
Larry Ruben, Zhao-Hui Xiong, and Evelyn Ridgley - Southern Methodist
University (USA) 

Novel approaches to antitrypanosomal chemotherapy 
Simon Croft - London School of Hygiene & T. M. (UK) 

Therapy of Human African Trypanosomiasis - Current situation 
Jorge Atouguia - Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical (Portugal) 


Comparative Genomics and Efficient Gene Discovery in the African
Trypanosomes. Phelix Majiwa, John Donelson and Appolinaire Djikeng -
ILRI (Kenya) 

Evolution of Salivarian Trypanosomes 
Jamie Stevens & Wendy Gibson - University of Bristol (UK) 

Application of differential display to trypanosomes: identification of
targets for new control options Murphy, N. B. and Pelle, R. - ILRI

Programmed Cell Death in Trypanosomatids 
Susan Welburn - University of Glasgow (UK) 

Mechanisms mediating antigenic variation in Trypanosoma brucei 
Gloria Rudenko - Netherlands Cancer Institute (Netherlands) 


Bovine trypanosomosis and immunosuppression 
Katherine A. Taylor and Bea Mertens  - ILRI (Kenya) 

Review on the Molecular Tools for the understanding of the
Epidemiology of Animal Trypanosomosis in West Africa. G. Duvallet, S.
de La Rocque, J.M. Reifenberg, P. Solano, T. Lefran=E7ois, Z. Bengaly,
I. Sidibe, M. Desquesnes, D. Cuisance and G. Cuny - CIRAD-EMVT

Outbreak of trypanosomosis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. 
DT de Waal , RC Carter , O. Matthee & R.J. Bagnall - Onderstepoort
Veterinary Institute (South Africa) 

Improved methods for the diagnosis of African trypanosomes 
D.E. Rebeski, E.M. Winger, B. Rogovic, M.M. Robinson J. Crowther R.H.
Dwinger - Joint FAO/IAEA Division Animal Production and Health Section

Tuesday 17 - SPECIAL SESSION: 

The genus Endotrypanum: Characterization of an Interesting
Trypanosomatidae Antonia M. R. Franco - IOC/ FIOCRUZ (Brazil) 


Can remotely sensed NOAA and METEOSAT derived data significantly
contribute to reduce costs of tsetse surveys? Hendrickx, G., Napala,
A., Rogers, D.J., Bastiaensen & Slingenbergh, J.H.W. -
FAO/Trypanosomosis control project (Togo). 

The Programme Against African Trypanosomiasis- a Joint FAO, WHO, OAU
and IAEA initiative Brian Hursey - FAO, Animal Health Service 

Estimated financial impact of Trypanosoma vivax on the Brazilian
Pantanal and Bolivian Lowlands Andrew Seidl, Colorado State University

Integrated control of african trypanosomosis 
Peter Holmes - University of Glasgow (UK) 

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