global giardia & taenia infection estimates - any ideas ?

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Mon Nov 9 17:14:31 EST 1998

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> Hi
> I have been asked to give a 1 hour lecture on macroparasitic diseases
> to a bunch of third year medics - so i was going to scare them with
> estimates of the number of people infected with various parasites -
> (they have heard of malaria but that is about it). i have managed to
> get rough estimates for most of the important parasites, but i cannot
> find even a guestimate of how many people are thought
> to be infected world wide with giardia, and how many infected with
> taenia spp
> has anybody got even a guess - we are not talking to the nearest 10
> people, i.e. for schistosomes i am saying 200 million
> many thanks
> Darren
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> Dr Darren J Shaw
> Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED),
> Ecole de Sante Publique, UCL, 30.34 Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs,
> 1200 Brussels, Belgium

   The information that you need should be found at  Statistics of
parasitic infections by continent is given.  This page is managed by James
Smith, PhD, at McGill University, Quebec.

Bob Lewis

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