Parasitic Helminths from Genomes to Vaccines II, 1999

Robert S. Lewis robert.s.lewis at
Thu Nov 19 22:10:49 EST 1998

Mark Blaxter wrote:

>          Parasitic Helminths
>        From Genomes to Vaccines
>                 II
>       Edinburgh July 8-11 1999
> Dear Colleagues
> We are pleased to offer this first announcement of the second Parasitic
> Helminths From Genomes to Vaccines conference to be held in Edinburgh from
> July 8-11, 1999.
> Please note the date in your diary.
> The two year span since the first conference will have seen the completion
> of the first helminth genome, the coming-of-age of DNA vaccines, and
> surprising new insights into parasite genetics, molecular biology,
> biochemistry, metabolism, immunology, and population genetics and
> evolution. We hope that all these strands will be represented at the
> meeting. As before we hope to attract researchers from veterinary, plant
> and human parasitology, and to cover both flat- and round-worm parasites.
> PHfG2V number one was a resounding success, both scientifically and
> socially, and we hope to surpass this standard in 1999.
> The meeting will follow the format of the first, by having themed sessions
> with talks chosen from submitted abstracts, poster sessions and a limited
> number of keynote speakers.
> Please email mark.Blaxter at to register an interest in the meeting,
> and to ensure receipt of further emails announcing details of registration
> and abstract submission.
> ______________________________________
> Dr. Mark Blaxter   email  Mark.Blaxter at
> Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology
> Ashworth laboratories, Room 311
> King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh,
> West Mains Road, EDINBURGH  EH9 3JT, UK
> phone: (+44) 131 650 6760  Fax :...650 5450
> see
>            may all beings be happy

Hello Dr. Blaxter,
   I manage a mailing list for primatologists.  The list (alloprimate)
includes parasitologists, immunologists, etc. from around the world.  Would
you like for me to announce this conference on the mailing list?  I could also
place an announcement at,
if you wish.  Another good list to announce this conference  is ProMED.

Bob Lewis

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