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Christine Schäfer schaefcr at uni-duesseldorf.de
Fri Nov 27 02:03:40 EST 1998

 Hello John !

Cryptosporidium parvum belongs to the Schizococcidia.
- monoxen lifecycle (only one host)
- C. parvum was found worldwide in ruminants, but lives hostunspecific in
many mammals also in humans
- C. parvum is known as opportunistic pathogenic agent and Persons with
immunsuppression (AIDS) could die
- Oral-Infection with sporocysts from diarrhoeic excrements, therefore
butchers and farmers are the risk group
- Sporocoits get free in the gut lumen (ileum), settle down at the
microvilli of gut cells, but do not penetrate into the cells
- Schizogonie: In the fixed sporocoit grows in a specific inner vacuole one
schizont with 8 merozoits. The merozoits can fix at other non infected gut
cells and start new schizogonie or start gamogonie
- Gamogonie: from one merozoit grows one macrogamet or 16 microgamets. One
microgamet fertilizes one macrogamet and
the zygote builds a wall and becomes a oocyste.
- sporogonie: there are two ways:
a) endoautoinvasion:  The oocyste becomes still in the gut to a sporocyste,
setting free sporocoits (another sporogonie in the same host). These lots of
sporocoits cause strong pathogenity in patients with immundeficience.
sporocoits also occur in the excrements.

b)The oocyste is excreted. Then occurs Open-air-Sporulation to infectious
sporocyste and Contamination of drinking-water.

Greetings from Germany !


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>Anyone have some information on Cryptosporidium parvum (sp?)

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