AD: 8.9cpm Long Distance/800 Service, 14.9 calling cards!!

Sun Sep 20 01:33:36 EST 1998

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8.9 cents/minute(cpm) Interstate Long Distance
8.9 cpm Interstate 800 service (low $2.50/month service charge) 
14.9 cpm Interstate/Intrastate calling card

All products feature:
-- Flat rate 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
-- Billed in 6 sec intervals with an 18 sec minimum call length
-- NO sign up fees or minimum contract length
-- NO monthly service charges or minimum monthly usage
-- Home or office - same rates and features

Discount Intrastate calling covered - rate table supplied
800 service and calling card are each available standalone
Phone bills can be paid by check, auto-withdrawal or credit card
Optional accounting codes available for business use (no fee)
Direct 1+ dial service - no complicated codes needed
No up front payment - you get a monthly phone bill
Separate discount international calling program available 

** Earn credits on your phone bill by signing up others
--- NO fee for referral program - you are automatically enrolled
--- Free long distance - share these great rates with others!
--- Businesses: FREE long distance-share this plan with employees

** Non-Profit Organizations: No cost fund raising referral program

Please reply to this email with the word RATES in the SUBJECT LINE:
complete details and sign up form will be sent automatically!

     Very best regards,

     Karla Welsh

This offer is only available in the United States
(*** not available in Alaska and Hawaii)

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