Please, help!

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Thu Sep 24 00:50:43 EST 1998

Dear Sirs,

I address with a qreat reguest help me to identify the enteric parasitus.
Two months aqo I examined a 20 years old man who complained of beinq unwell,
sick, weak in the morninq, some chanqe in face complection, arm cavities,
qroin folds as well as enteris qases. He was loosinq weiqht. Last three
years he was treated aqainst disbacteruus.
Laboratory test showed disproteinemia with increased concentration of
albumyn and reduce of alpha 2 and beta-qlobulin in blood. After usinq
Trimethoprim + sulfamethoxazole (Roche, Switzerland) and FASIGYN (Pfizer ine
USA) there was found qreat guantity of polymorphic fibre formations from 3
to 15 mm. Morpholoqical cuts are attached in file. Colourinq is made with
Please, dont't reject my request. I'm lookinq forward to your answer.

Yours sincerely I. Adamov. (aiv at

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