Suggestions please

medkan at medkan at
Wed Aug 4 04:54:24 EST 1999

I was hoping to get some suggestions of what to test for based on:

Over the last 2 years the following symptoms:

Increased pigmentation/hyperpigemenatation in face, neck and shoulders.
and more diffuse hyper pigmentation on chest and hip.

A area with some thickening of skin in forehead .A biopsy was sent to a
lab. Diagnosis from lab: Perivascular lymphocytic reaction. Non-specific
chronic inflammation.

Weight loss,  about 15 pounds over 2 years. reduced appetite, lack of

A  possibly a bit "low" WBC count: repeatedly around 3.

Antibody tests for a lot of "normal" infections diseases bacterias and
viruses are negative. Negative for Addisons. Negative Chest X-Ray,
negative ultrasound abdomen.

Travel history: South of Europe: Tenerife, Malta, Spain, Portugal,
Sahara desert Africa, Florida .

Should one consider to test for Leishmania (hyper pigmentation, WBC
around 3 ). However no history of fever. and not what is described as
typically Leishmania lesions. But is this still worth testing for?

Any reasons to think about Onchocerciasis ? I guess travel history not
sugest so and also no pruritus in affected skin areas.

Thanks for any suggestions coments!

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