Interesting Parasite?

Curtis W. King cwking at home.com
Mon Feb 1 00:11:48 EST 1999

Thank you for the advice 

I do agree that the parasite is not fatal.  I also agree as does my
household that I definitely need to take my attention away for a time. 
I have kept samples of the cleanings and have examined them with a
microscope at work and this weekend at home.  I have made one slide and
plan on making a few more.  After the first cleaning with Linden on Dec.
24.  I had done an detailed cleaning of the master bedroom bathroom and
I believe that this had some how triggered an outbreak of the mite.  I
will take a break from my intense investigation as soon as I can get a
break from the infestation on my person.

You had stated isolating samples of the parasite.  I have planned to
connect my Snappy Video to a Video camera and mount it in such a way as
to be able to capture the image seen on the microscope in digital form. 
At work and home I have taken a number of Digital Pictures.  The
microscope that I have on my desk at work is a quality one but the
magnification seems at highest less than 100 times and when I used the
digital camera I keep for our department I found that I needed to turn
the magnification down yet in order to capture the smaller viewable
image that the richoh camera displayed.  At  home I have a digital
camera as well but its macro function would not allow image collection
from the eyepiece of the 600 Magnification scope I have recently
purchased my children.  I have since last thursday a great desire to
learn all about scabies and Lice in order to be able to correctly
identify what parasite I have so I can control and eventually eradicate
if possible.  I have done allot of brainstorming and some investigation
within the last four days.  I do have a few concerns regarding my
and the conciquinces of publishing it or not.  Those concerns are:
Where should I first submit my findings and if I have Crusted scabies
will I be institutionalized?  Will my family home be quarantined? I have
made the mistake of informing my boss of some sort of infestation and he
is concerned about the spread of it if it is a parasite.  He has brought
to my attention the crusted scabies possibility.  The dermatologist
examined or scrapped an area that I have super cleaned and she did not
even use any oil on area first to surface possible parasites.  She had
repressed my desire to share more information to the hospital until I
can first establish for my self what parasite I have and collect some
information that I believe there is allot of this same parasite out
there and that there need not be a great alarm.  It is not as though I
have just contracted it.  After taking allot of Garlic I found that the
oil it generated in my skin helps but it did make me very sleepy and I
took a long nap.  I plan on taking some each day now and if I can get
enough sleep my immune system can get back in control and I can go on
with a more normal lifestyle. Well before checking this E-Mail or
Newsgroups I was looking on the web for information on Cheyletiella
mites. in order to get a look at its magnified view and to establish or
find more information with the "Walking Dandruff".  I have done several
experiments with the lint that all have one thing in common a tail
closer looking to a hair.  It is always just one hair that comes out of
the lint or fiber.  There are only several shapes the lint takes.
The interesting finding is when I find one that is alive, I have not
seen any move physically without taking advantage of some air current
and selectively clinging to or not to stuff to get where it desires.  I
would take a Q-Tip and allow it to cling to it and them when I slowly
emerse it in some alcohol the parasite would extract itself from the
lint with a faint snap sound and adhere to the stick.  Then lying the
stick down somewhere without the lint the parasite after a time would
crawl back toward the cotton or fiber end of the Q-Tip.  After wards I
took a look at this on the low powered microscope and waited to see if
it would again use the fiber to travel on.  Any way there is allot more
to say but I am not a fast typist and I need to catch up on my sleep so
if you have any suggestions on tests time permitting please let me
know.  I have yet to scrap of the huge collection that has been
collecting in the washer upper tub rim.  If you are interested in
finding your own samples that is the best place to look.  Be careful
although they do bite and will get under your nails.

Sincerely Curtis  

ricyoung at iupui.edu wrote:
> Dear Mr. King,
> It may be a good idea to try to isolate samples of this parasite or its
> waste or to otherwise document the damage it may be causing you.  But here
> is the test to know if your parasite is psychogenic or real....  Remind
> yourself that multicellular parasites that you are describing are almost
> never fatal.  Really, most people unwittingly support parasites without
> any adverse effects on their lifes at all.  This parasite will almost
> definitely not cause you any permanent tissue damage or permanent
> physiological damage.  If you understand this fact and can then take your
> mind off of the parasite for a day and go to work or wherever without
> really excessive anxiety about the issue then it is unlikely that you are
> delusional.
> andy

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