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Jules jules at tuna.net
Tue Feb 2 15:50:00 EST 1999

First let me say that my computer keeps crashing, as I write this my
glasses keep getting mucked up, they used to always get mucked up when
I kissed my boyfriend, I figured he was just a greasy Scottish-Italian
:-)  Many Dr.s have reassured me that this is uncomfortable but not
life threatening.  But at night, like tonight I feel twisty pains &
tightness in my chest around the heart.  In the mornings there are all
sorts of strange crumbs in my bed which I keep wondering about.  I was
on the phone with a friend tonight and he said it sounded like I was
straining for air.  If I can just make it through 'til Friday,
hopefully the stool cultures will show some answers.  I continue to
have a horrible bitter/chemical taste in my mouth, I ate some rice
crackers and that seems to help, I guess it diverts them to my
stomach.  I have noticed for a long time that when I am un
comfortable, eating crackers and cheese seems to be easy to eat and
not cause digestive trouble.  The nutritionist today told me to drink
lots of parsley water.

I was wondering if anyone has information on heartworms, hookworms,
skin mites, lice, pneumonia.  I don’t know a lot about parasites and
don’t have access to resources - is there a comprehensive book I could
get ahold of ASAP?  I don’t know what scabies are as  Curtis
mentioned.  I also had pinworms about 5 times as a child in Canada,
also I used to sit on the rug and eat dust bunnies for hours..????  I
do not have a microscope and would not know what to look for, my
apartment here is very cluttered and all manner of things could be
living here, I bought a water filter for my kitchen faucet and after a
week of use it is clogged, the company (PUR) says this is common in
urban areas and I should use a pitcher filter instead.  It seems weird
but metal things seems to stick to my skin (paper clips etc.) and my
jewelry always gets the metal worn off very fast - I have a labia ring
(stainless steel, have had for four years) and though there is no
infection, I get sharp pains there sometimes too.  someone mentioned
to me zapping parasites with colloidal silver??? Is there a
relationship of parasites and electricity, electromagnetic fields?  I
keep my windows here open to get air (they only open about 7 inches
and it is nearly impossible to get ventilation.

Also where I live, this place is a broken down tenement building, 200
years old, it was infested with rats & mice when I moved in 7 years
ago, the building has flooded from old plumbing several times.
everything is rotting and broken. There are pigeons out my window in
the back alley.  In 1989 I traveled all around Europe and Peru, then
Morocco and returned with a flu.  More recently I have been many
places in the states and to Venezuela.

I too get yellow fingernails/toenails that sting underneath.  tonight
I took off my shoe where my left foot had been throbbing all day,
there was a hole about half the diameter of a dime right under where I
have a neuroma.

Any help or advice much appreciated.

Thank you,

  ( >==< )    Ribbit

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