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Jules jules at tuna.net
Fri Feb 5 12:33:15 EST 1999


I am glad you are feeling better.  My nutritionist has told me not to
take so many vitamins because they feed the parasites.  she says the
chemical taste is your body ridding itself of toxins (probably from
parasites' waste or dead bodies).  I have this wasp stinging in the
heart sensation too and it is frightening.  the sleepiness could be
from die-off, creatures/organisms dying off in your body.  My
nutritionist has me on fundamental sulfur tablets as well as some
other parasite ridding supplements - last night I actually slept
through the whole night!  But I am drained and groggy today, with some
very sharp pains, tight abdomen with pulling feelings inside.  from
many different little observations, it seems that Whatever I have
likes to destruct clothing/underwear/blankets etc. as a moth would.  I
don't know if you are near NYC, but there is a good nutrition center
here for parasite cleansing and rebuilding the body called Biamonte
Center, they have a website.

In Health,


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