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Curtis W. King cwking at home.com
Thu Feb 4 23:23:12 EST 1999

I have after reading you diary the other day started to take Garlic and
Multivitamins, Vitamin C 1,000mg per hour when remembering, Vitamin E
and Vitamin B12.  I have also forced myself to get lots of rest.  After
a few days I have noticed a remarkable difference in my health.  I do
believe I have improved my natural immune system allot from the fallen
distressed state it was in.  For now I have to really hunt to find any
dust bunnies and my health has improved very much.
	The other things I did do was to drink mint tea, and suck on lots of
mints and also menthol cough drops this was my way of keeping my mouth
from having that chemical taste.  That first evening when I had taken
allot of garlic I found it made me very sleepy and I felt as though
there was a wasp stinging me in my heart.  So to remedy that I had
rubbed some vick’s menthol vapor medicine that got rid of that stinging
feeling quickly.  I had also put some sulfur8 hair cream on my hair and
ears to keep the "slim"/ Crust from forming it also worked well I also
spread some over the rest of my body.   The next day after a good nights
sleep I was able to go to work and ignore the parasites.  Repeated above
technique each night and now my immune system seems strong enough to
deal with the parasite alone.  
	Now it will be harder for me to do more experimentation on the really
cool finding that I ran across during this period of suffering.  That
finding is if you find any dust bunnies with a single hair on it try
this pick it up with a Q-Tip or tweezers and try to slowly dip it into
some alcohol and you may see the same thing I saw.  Which is the
parasite will extract itself from the dust bunny with a very faint
snapping sound and if you look close enough you will see that has jumped
up onto the dry part of the Q-Tip or tweezers.   If someone else finds
this to be true and then you may come to the same conclusions that I
have come to.  That is this liquid parasite would be very good at not
being found by persons delivering these dust bunnies to a doctor.  I
conclude that being the case and there being allot of people trying to
bring these to the doctor / dermatologist would be found to have a
delusion due to lack of evidence.  Once you understand the liquid state
of this parasite and that it travels very fast in this liquid state you
can get a feel how it can travel from your mouth to your stomach as well
as other openings in the body.  If some one out there is wanting to make
a great medical find this is definitely an area that has gone hidden for
quite some time.
	I have found that good places to look for them if you are affected by
the parasite other than dust bunnies "walking dandruff" is on the rim of
your lotion containers etc.  I also found live samples on the upper rim
of our wash machine tub,  where they would collect after climbing out of
the water.  The reason you will find them in your wash machine is they
live on your clothing near your skin if possible.  The other places I
have noticed them all my life is at second hand stores where they sell
used clothing you may see some very large dust bunnies the largest I
have noticed over the years have been about the size of a mouse.  They
are always very colorful and they do not move by themselves they wait
for the movement of the air and selectively cling to what they want to
get where they want.  That is why when I was deep in my suffering I
noticed that when our heater vent came on I had noticed the so called
dust attack and shortly afterward I was fighting the slim on my ears
that seemed to overheat my ears and then form a crust layer.
Any way I quickly covered the vents and sprayed them with an insecticide
that was good for killing lice and that seemed to solve that problem as

 The suggestions worked well for me and I hope that I do not stir anyone
astray because I am not a doctor.  I am just a person whom loves the
study of science and am very curious as well as creative.  If I get a
chance I will yet follow up on this interesting parasite that has and is
probably still infesting myself to a far lesser degree but of whom has
caused much pain for many others.  I think if I can get a chance to film
it morphing from one state to another and definitely identify its
microscopic image I can get the scientific giants to look into it with a
lot more detailed analysis

Curtis W. King
cwking at home.com

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