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Jack Of All Trades jackoat8 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 6 09:14:07 EST 1999

Jules wrote:

> >  There
> > was a very
> > nice lady on this newsgroup several months ago whose mother died from a
> >
> > Strongloides infection.  These small worms worked their way into her
> > organs and
> > brain and killed her.
> >
> I would like to know more about this story.  What is the test for
> Strongoides and treatment?  I feel I may have something like this, and
> I am scared, my Dr. is on call if I need to go to Hospital.
> Thank you,
> Julie
> --

Strongyloides infection in brain???
Never heard of that. Will try to check it out.
I hear something about a 'web site of nasty diseases' What is the url?

the only Strongyloides I know are animal related, especially cattle.
wait, yes, Strongyloides stercoralis, also in humans but that's all in the
small intestines. nothing as far as I know is the brain.

Sincerely, Jack

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