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Sun Feb 7 01:54:07 EST 1999

Bob/Judy Dilworth wrote:
> One of our local hospitals had Strongyloides worms in a sputum specimen.  They
> wriggled all over the plate leaving bacterial trails on the media as they
> went.  Obviously they travel.  I don't know much else about the epidemiology of
> this worm.  I probably should look it up.  The ASM Manual is a good place to
> start (American Society of Microbiology).
> J. Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> Microbiology

They were pumping this poor lady up with steroids which is the WRONG thing to do
with these infections.  She was a healthy woman to start with.  They thought she
picked up an infection on a camping trip, if I remember correctly.   

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