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Dr. Peter W. Pappas pappas.3 at osu.edu
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Enough is enough.  If feel that you must post messages about such
"parasites," please do it somewhere else (e.g., alt.dumbstuff).  What you
describe as "parasites" simply do not exist (except in your mind).  I will
agree that Dr. Hulda Clark's book is "incredible;" it is incredibly wrong in
virtually everything it says.  It's clear that Dr. Clark does not have even
the most primitive understanding of the basic principles of parasitology,
epidemiology, or medicine, but then again I assume that her intention in
writing her book (three books actually) was not to cure people of diseases.

Jules wrote in message <36BE5B87.E152BA35 at tuna.net>...
>Hi Curtis,
>Definitely I have these hair type parasites everywhere, my bathroom
>used to be filled with black hairs that sort of looked like cat hairs
>(I am brunette and don't have a cat) however some 'hairs' are longer
>or shorter, they seem to get stuck to soap.  I am sure that I have
>major parasites as well and it will be a long road for me back to
>health.  For one, sewer air bubbles up through my sink, and I'm sure
>there are things living down there, the building used to be infested
>with rats, the plumbing is over 200 years old - some mornings the
>drain that was closed to stop the gurggling is actually pushed up (it
>has a metal catch).  I don't know how I will rid this place, with all
>the cracks & holes everywhere, of parasites.  there are less black
>hairs now that I am treating myself for sure.  Sewer air also comes up
>my shower drain!  A good healthy attitude that you are healthy and can
>get on with life is important, I am glad you are doing so well.
>I believe these parasites are called threadworms.  and I have seen the
>single hair in dust also laying around - how long to they live in open
>air??  when I look again they are usually gone.  I don't think that it
>is entirely liquid but does travel at lightning speed when not laying
>still.  I also find 'stuff' accumulates very quickly around my lip
>balm and other lotions too.  Also when I put lotion with vitamins on
>my hands, I looked closely and there are almost invisible clear hairs,
>seemingly coming out of the creases in my fingers and even finger
>print grooves.  It's sort of neat really.  I don't know if there is
>such a thing as paratosis, maybe just paranoia, these things are real.
>How will I ever clear out my pipes though??
>Now that I am on antiparasite herbs (gently, not disturbing them
>enough to nearly kill myself)  I notice 'hairs' accumulating around my
>desk as I sit here typing, and also when I open food it may seem to
>curdle or get a few 'hairs' in it or  separate, these parasites are
>eager to get out of my body, which is good, but it doesn't make
>cooking & eating very easy!  I chew a lot of trident to keep the
>chemical taste away and also drink plenty of water (4 oz. per half
>hour).  I am so glad to be able to communicate with someone else who
>has experienced this, now that I am not under huge counter-attack, I
>am feeling a bit better and can think more clearly and reasonably
>(i.e. my sense of humor has returned). Also I have learned a little
>bit about people using electric zappers to get rid of parasites - you
>can search for Zappers &/or Hulda Clark (author of THE CURE FOR ALL
>DISEASES) and find out info.  I sincerely hope that Dr.s will read
>this incredible book as well, they are so limited in their scope of
>knowledge and education.
>let me know how you are doing.
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