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DieterHeinrichM DieterHeinrichM at t-online.de
Mon Feb 8 16:05:04 EST 1999

in identification of - may be - eggs of trematodes or protocoa?  

Took several photos of microscopic images from tonsil smears from an
open spot (lymph vessel?) and found always plenty of cyst-like
particles, spherical formed, size as neutrophils, filled with hundreds
of dancing particles. - Patient is suffering from several neurological
symptoms since long, since he staied in Zambia for some time: loss of
memory and concentration, arthritis, tinitus, right sided headache,
allergic symptoms of tongue, throat, lung, allveolitis etc. Several
unspecific abrevations of laboratory values couldn't be declared:
permanently high protein levels of blood and CSF, antibodies against
shistosoma antigens since many years without ever having found any
specific symptoms or eggs of shistosoma. Patient is suffering since long
but symptoms couldn't be declared. Several symptoms occur in his family
too, requiring treatment since long (infectious?) 

To whom may I send three photos by e-mail for a short comment?


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