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Mon Feb 8 18:38:54 EST 1999

Hi Jonathan,

how's work going?  I was going to phone you tonight but now I am so
tired & must sleep. here's my post to a parasitology list.


Okay parasitologists:

Is there a parasite in Spain or Morocco that comes in through the
feet, looks like you have athlete's foot??

After much reflection, it is clear that my health problems started of
and slowly have multiplied since 1990 - after I returned from
Morocco with a 'flu' in 1989.  I stayed in Marrakech, Azilah and
Tangiers, mostly with my girlfriend whose parents from Sudan
have a home there.  There was also another American lady  we met
who had a severe foot infection and was trying to get medical help -
not easy as there, as I remember the streets did not have names in
the Medinas and there wa only one phone in the town of Azilah. I
did have what I thought was athlete's foot under the same two toes
where I have had an 'incurable' neuron for 6 years.  I later heard
that my girlfriend returned from Morocco and was sick for months
until they found a parasite, though I don't know what it was and
can't get in touch with her now.

thank you for your help, it can be a scary thing to have these
experiences and I
surely was and am a bit freaked out by it all.

  ( >==< )    Ribbit

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