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Sorry I didn't mean to put anyone off by stating my disillusionment and lack of
faith in the M.D.s of the USA.  And I may have been quick to recommend Dr. Hulda
Clark, as I have not read her thoroughly.  I am not forcing anyone to read my posts,
I was and am sincerely looking for help.  I think that someone is very small minded
indeed to suggest a mental institution.  And someone who claims to know what exists
and what does not is claiming an awful lot, maybe it may not fit into your model of
viewing the world &/or what you have assumed or been taught to be true, maybe it is
not a simple situation, maybe herbal cures would eventually put Dr.s out of
business. I am not a Dr. or a parasitologist and do not know what your 'principles
of parasitology' are.  Is there a book you would recommend so that I could perhaps
understand your point of view?


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alloprimate Manager wrote:

> Bob/Judy Dilworth wrote:
> >
> > Thank you so much, Dr. Pappas, for your answer.  At the very least, this person
> > needs to clean her apartment.  I have tried to ignore these postings for a week
> > now and they just get longer and longer.
> >
> > Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
>    I have the same situation in my apartment but I'm sure it has to do more with
> male pattern baldness than parasites.  The worst thing Ronald Reagan did as
> President was to cut off funding for mental institutions.
> Bob Lewis
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