scabies and mange

GRACE MCCORMACK gram at mailserver.nhm.ac.uk
Fri Feb 12 09:08:50 EST 1999

I have some questions concerning mange/scabies mites and host/parasite
Firstly, what signals do mites use to determine host suitability e.g. why
do they tend to prefer certain parts of the body (skin types) and could
this lead to clues as to why certain hosts are resistant to infection?
Is resistence to infection a function of a mite's selection of a suitable
host or the host's successful response against the parasite?
I would love to hear about people working on this or about publications
concerning this issue (also for other parasites).  Also I would love to
hear from people using molecular techniques on mange mites and/or their
hosts, or anybody with an opinion!!

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