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Dan Parrott McDonough jmjptl at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Feb 16 17:04:56 EST 1999

     My kids have a positive stool diagnosis for the "quiste" amoeba 
hidrolytica and had violent vomiting for 3 days, mild diarreah etc.
My question is 1)Can I get a blood test to ID the pathogenic from non 
pathogenic amoeba and also to discart possible error in id with e coli
or the "nana" lookalike, and how can I quantify the damage(liver,lung
or toxic penetration) 2. Is there any other treatment other than 
or safer than metronidazole?   
    Help. I live in Veracruz, Mexico. My kids are 3(m. de Jesús and 21 
months(B. de Gpe) Any short answer or direction to the correct articles 
would be appreciated.
                      Many thanks,
                      D.J. Parrott
                      EMT, JMJ Translations, web pages
                      jmjptl at hotmail.com    or
                      momybg at hotmail.com
Muy estimado compñero:
     Mis hijas bg de lupe(20 meses) y María de Jesús(3) tiene el vicho 
entamoeba histolytica, segun el coproparasitoscopia. 1. ¿Se puede probar 
la sangre para que verifique que es el vicho patogenico y no el impar o 
lo que disfraza asi; la "nana" semejante ? 2. Se pueda cuantificar el 
daño, o sea si habia atacado el higado etc.? 3. Hay otra medicamento 
ademas de metrodanizole cual es menos peligrosa?
! gracias!

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