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     Well from the sounds of it (your environment) you can not keep rodents
and fleas and who knows what else in nyc from coming into your home, so it
sounds like what you need to do is talk to an herbalist and get some oil
extracts, lemon grass extract for one. Ask an herbalist how to use oil
extracts for insect repellent for your house,  instead of killing them just
inside of your home, keep them from WANTING to come in, in the first place,
and the ones that are there, will leave. And as for electromedicine
(zappers). I find it very interesting that DR'S that are supposed to be, at
least somewhat, educated in other fields such as physics.

     See the theory goes in physics that EVERYTHING living (you/me) or dead
(a house make of wood) or just there (the Earth) has what is called a
resonant frequency, we all have seen this demonstrated countless times on tv
in the memorex commercial where we see a singer and a wine glass, the singer
sings and holds a note, the glass shakes then it breaks. Hulda Clark is
saying that her singer is a 'zapper' holding a note around 32-33,000 cycles
per second with a positive offset around 4.5 volts, that is, the sine wave
does not cross the 0 volt line, it stays positive.

    She maintains that this will kill the 'parasites' much like the singer
breaks the glass. Did you know that there are certain frequencies that are
illegal to transmit on because they are the resonant frequencies of the
human body? And guess what, if you do xmit on these frequencies someone will
get sick, and if it goes on long enough or is powerfull enough someone will

     She maintains that because, say, yeast is so small as compared to a
human it really doesnt take too much to kill it......... What does it take
to smash a yeast cell into oblivion? Now what does it take to smash you? A
very big difference. A big difference in POWER.

     She also maintains that because everything has its own resonant
frequency and if you know what the freqency of say, yeast (again) is, then
you can take a electronic circuit called a comparator, and as the name
implies, you can compare two different signals. And so you say, big deal.
Well, it is a big deal, cause like, it uses laws of physics, no way around
it. Resonance does indeed exist.

     So if you have 2 test plates that are in reality electronic capacitors
(their capacity is altered by the oscillations of the resonanting vibrations
of the samples), and plate 1 is for the control, that is, it has our known
yeast on it, and on test plate 2 an unknown substance is placed. For
example, if we pinch our nose and squeeze out the white stuff (like trying
to pop a zit) from the skin (which contains antibodies) or use blood or take
a sample from another yeast collection for our unknown substance and place
it on plate 2,  a tone will be emmited, this tone either harmonizes or it
dont. If it does then sample are the same contain the same thing. If it
doesnt harmonize then the samples are different. And if anyone hasn't caught
on yet, its not limited to just 'bugs',  it could be you need to test for
say, lead, in you water, place lead on plate 1 and water on plate 2, does it
harmonize? it is kinda digital in that either it does or does not harmonize
so it can not be used to tell how much lead is in the water, only if its
I know cant be done right?

     This I think, deserves further attention, if it is so, then we could
have a star trek kinda ticorder and testing could be instant and accurate.

     Go here and read the
atents( http://flamingo.bahamas.net.bs/electromedicine ). Ignore all the
information on the page just look at the patents (its a colloidal silver
page), then go to the ibm patent database
 http://www.patents.ibm.com/patquery ) and punch in those patent numbers
just to verify the patent. So there IS SOMETHING to electicity being used to
kill things in living tissue even if it is outside the body.

     And just how do dr's KNOW that electronic kinda medicine dont work
anyhow? (at least for some things) Where are the studies/incidence that says
that it doesn't work? EXACTLY why was it banned in the US in the 30's or
40's or 50's or whenever.

     As for colloidal silver where are all those blue people at? Why are
they not in the news, why does the fda only show one 'blue' lady still alive
from the 20's-30's? And exactly what was she treated for and with what,
silver nitrate or silver chloride?

     Maybe someone should give the baby elephants that are born in America
colloidal siver to get their herpies calmed down. I am sure that they
wouldnt mind being bluish-grey instead of dead with thousands of worms
coursing through them.

     I also find it interesting, Julie, that you are being belittled by
these guys. See, according to Ohio State university up to 1/4 of the WORLD
is infested with this nematode
http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~parasite/ascaris.html maybe it is mostly
in asia, however this should mean that about 1 in 4 people coming to america
from asia are carrying this disease. Go to any major metropolitan area and
see how many asians there are. This one does 800,000,000 people
http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~parasite/hookworms.html.  Funny thing is,
since they are parasites, a person would not even know that they have them,
and that includes doctors. (unless they had symptoms of a INFESTATION or
tested themselves) How about it dr's, when was the last time you tested

     Thats why in some parts of the U.S. and in europe people de-worm
themselfs once or twice a year just for good measure. See they are really
kinda insidious, sometimes their eggs can become airborne, ever been behind
a car on a dirt road? Or swim in a lake? Or maybe the mailman has Ascaris
(those eggs are sticky), and maybe he had a bowel movement before work and
now he has contamanated his mail. And maybe its a saturday or something and
you get your mail and go eat lunch or something....and unwittingly infest

      The point is that parasites have always been around me/you and
everyone else too, so the best thing to do is kill the ones that you have
(or drive them out of you) and then kill the ones that you get later and all
you have to really do is keep them from overtaking and killing you,
parasites are not preditors, they dont say to themselves, 'Hey theres Julie,
lets eat her, kill her and go somewhere else', naaaww they are sneaky. Now
they might for some reason multiply like crazy and cause organs to fail and
kill you or block your intestines. And this is where Hulda Clark has come in
and theorized that propyl-alcohols and industial hydrocarbons are enabling
parasites to COMPLETE THEIR LIFECYCLES WITHIN a human being.  And also to
allow parasites that normally would have, maybe, a part of, their lifecycle
in a human and then leave to infect the primary host, instead they are
invited to stay within the human host and infest whichever organ is
accumulating toxins which the parasite wants or needs or is attracted to.
Gentlemen SOMETHING tells these critters where they should go, huh? How does
a liver fluke know how to find the liver? What chemicals does it look for.
You know if she is right then tests could be done within one or two months
(maybve days) to see if/which  hydrocarcons indeed attract x parasite.
Anyone hear the words research GRANT?

     Side point, I switched from rubbing alcohol to 151 vodka and I must say
that if a person applies enough to their skin in a few minutes you will
taste vodka (I take it that propyl alcohols can be absorbed this way also,
as people have been poisoned, but funny you dont taste it. (tastless, I
wonder what happens if lemon drops or something were added then applied,
would you taste lemon after a few minutes? )) and it just feels better also.
Better than some alcohol made from propane.

Oh and if one actually looks at HOW Hulda Clark's cancer theory works
regarding liver flukes, and for now overlooking the statement that this guy
causes all cancers
http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~parasite/fasciolopsis.html.  How workable
is it that if
some radiation or a chemical or a virus,  etc, causes some cell to become
cancerous and to divide and multiply like crazy using a human growth hormone
and that normally would be terminated by the immune system given the time to
do so because there isn't enough hormone present for it to get totally out
of control.  Exactly what happens if, in this scenerio, we enter
Fasciolopsis buski into the liver (in the presence of whatever hydrocarbon
it wants to live its lifecycle in us) AND have IT'S growth hormone thats
also used to build new cells, not only for it, but for us (allegedly this
hormone is simular or human according to Clark) and whatever cells are
currently growing and multiplying?

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