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sounds like a systemic yeast infection that waxes and wanes with your
antibiotic regeme.

I had one it lasted for years coming and going, noone EVER told me to
take yogart or acidophylous. Mine had localized itself in one of my
upper sinus cavities, headaches, chronic colds, way mundo allergies,
triggered by grass seed, molds, house dust, durt dust, wheat (food
sensitive, caused megasweating from under my arm pits it just squirted
out), but the funny thing is, i killed the infection, and it all went
away. how did i do that? well i was reading about this stuff called
colloidal siver killing a bunch of bacteria and virili and i looked
for some more information, i checked the pdr, nothing, then i checked
some chemistry books, i found it, it seems that it comes in different
forms generally refered to as colloidal silver , this includes silver
nitrate, silver chloride, and colloidal silver that is just silver
particles suspended in water, courtesy of Remingtons Pharmacopea
copyright 1947. 
so i started calling some healthfood stores and found some for $16.00
for 4 ounces, bought it, took it and placed it in a squirt gun tilted
my head back and positioned the water stream so that it squirted all
the way into those sinus cavaties before hitting anything else,
strait-shot right into the cavities. It burns like when water from
swimming gets in there, not terrible. but i felt it. but i also felt
something else, i felt that stuff die. It is indeed one of my most
happy moments in my life. several hours later i blew this really big
glob of stuff out it must have been at least 3-3.5 ounces in weight
and about as big as 2.5 50 cent pieces, it was kinda surrounded by
some kind of membrane, there was some blood, but not bad.I have heard
of people drinking colloidal silver from here  
http://www.csprosystems.com/ by the pint. review their web page and
email them about it.

also the white stuff from you lungs could be caused from an
ascaris infection
part of ascaris's life cycle uses the lungs where it sheds its skin
(molts) and migrates to the stomach to complete its cycle
I am sure that there are others also.

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>I am trying to post again, I got a message that first did not go thru.
>Hi I am doing a parasite cleansing, I was NOt prepared for the
>'cleansing reactions' which have been really awful, I was close to
>My question is 'what sort of parasite uses the lungs?' clearly
>something likes to produce white sputum in my lungs and also needs my
>post nasal drip for some reason.
>I will include the long diary I've been keeping (only since last
>September though), only the last week or so refers to my parasite
>cleansing experience, (warning: it does include my layperson
>speculation as well), if you are interested.
>thank you for any timely (ASAP) advice anyone can offer!
>I decided to write this since my symptoms are so frequent & varied,
>it’s very difficult to gauge any of them - “people with chronic pain
>don't seem to notice more pain like the pain free people do.”
>Diary of Symptoms and medical:
>-fatigue for a long time (9 years) as well as severe allergies (mostly
>to dust/mites 9 years) and stress incontinence (3 years).  IBS (about
>4 years).  Endometriosis?
>-itching red dots (capillaries?) noticed in 1990
>-my face flushes a lot when exercising (aerobics) & my hands get red &
>puffy sometimes too
>-have only been able to work part-time, but since August 29th can’t
>work at all.
>-for a couple of months I had been getting heat waves/feverish usually
>at night.
>-Aug. 26 had massage at my gym, & masseur stretched my quadriceps so
>that it felt really weird at insertion and .
>-Aug. 27 & 28th, knee pain (tingly/burning)
>-Aug. 29th woke up with thighs (quadriceps) felt like they were on
>fire, tingling, intense burning, electrical pain & heat.  Stayed in
>bed all day and developed a fever. a few little patches of eczema
>(which are gone now). no appetite.  bitter, chemical taste in the
>mouth, lasts a few minutes several times a day.  Had several dreams
>that I died, I think because I was in such an incredible amount of
>-considered going to Emergency room
>-9/2/98 electrical pain at knees & elbows, itchy a bit & red dots
>itched too.
>-9/4/98 Dr. Martin prescribed Hydrocodeine 7.5 for pain, helped pain
>but made me severely nauseous.
>-Since early Sept. continuing shortness of breath and exhaustion.
>-9/14/98 lots of sharp internal pains after sex.
>-Sept. 15th started taking Alfalfa tablets to pull (chelate) minerals
>& toxins out of my system.
>-Sept. 16 had EMG, Dr. Schick told me that I have Guillain-Barré, I
>had never heard of it before.  I asked him what is it?  at that time
>he said, "don't worry about it, just rest for a few months and you'll
>be fine."
>-knees loudly cracking all the time as if there’s no fluid in them.
>-intermittent tingling/vibrations neuroma area (Left foot/3rd & 4th
>-9/20/98 Ab pain & diarrhea, had eaten popcorn & dried apricots, a lot
>Left Ovary, some right side.  general stomach pain (ulcer-related?).
>since the EMG tests, my right hand tends to go into a fist shape all
>the time.
>-9/21/98  saw Dawn Cieplensky, she could feel the heat in my legs,
>showed me exercises to active lymphatic system, alternate heat & ice
>after activity. recommended 1 baby aspirin per day, flax seed oil and
>knee supports from drug store. Knee supports really helped knee pain!
>-9/22/98 saw Dr. A. Brown at Seaport Orthopaedics.  He says Leg heat &
>muscle swelling is due to malfunctioning nerves and muscle exhaustion
>rather than inflammation.  recommends physical therapy in pool.
>-9/22/98 saw Dr. Jacques, lots of shooting pains around uterus, very
>sore & painful around Left ovary & somewhat right ovary too.  the most
>painful pelvic exam I’ve ever had.  She felt a cyst on right ovary.
>Possible yeast & bladder infections.  Lots of shooting pains after
>exam, shooting pains trying to urinate, it took several painful
>-9/23/98 Marité recommends B12 for nerve regeneration, 2x/day,
>Metagenics brand (Solgar is 2nd best). recommends doing leg exercises
>in bed, rest the mind as well as the body.  She massaged my quads a
>bit, it felt ticklish and aggravated them a bit.
>-9/24/98 diarrhea all day with mild ab pain
>-9/25/98 very hungry but anything I eat puts my intestines into knots
>a while later have diarrhea, then hungry again - seems like I don’t
>digest much.  took Diflucan 150 mg tablet - yeast infection (Dr.
>Jacques) helped a lot for next three days: my abs/uterus felt much
>better, no bladder pains, I felt healthier overall
>-9/26/98 - left for North Carolina
>-In NC my skin cleared up, I felt much healthier although tired.  My
>legs did get painful for one day & night 9/30/98 when it rained, so I
>took a half a codeine.
>-nighttime painful leg cramps in calf 9/29 & 10/2 (calves hurt for 40
>hours after)
>-no IBS or endo pain while in NC, a little pain before & after peeing.
>-10/2/98 - returned to NYC, was exhausted from traveling, last day of
>-after Lodine ran out (10/2/98) had a lot more vibration & tingling
>all through legs and at neuroma area
>-10/3/98 & 10/4/98 - felt mildly ill and felt continuos vibrations in
>thighs and neuroma area mostly - very uncomfortable.
>-10/5/98 - vibrations subsided.
>-10/6/98 - got period, feel good, resting
>-10/7/98 internal pain with urination again (still on Macrobid).  saw
>Dr. Schick, new prescription for Relafen, EMG was normal: not
>conclusive for GBS, can’t say that it’s definitely GBS, but as long as
>I’m improving that’s all he’s concerned about.
>-10/8/98 - started aquatherapy, way too much activity, felt like I
>might die, acute headache, came home & slept all day. Legs very
>aggravated.  Little blistery/pimplies at laser site by nose/right eye
>-10/9/98 - a lot of pain again, creepy crawlies all through my thighs,
>sharp pin pains in knees, lower legs and toes (especially middle right
>toe). feel set back quite a bit. started drinking only distilled
>-10/10/98 - lots of leg prickles, fatigue, uterus pains.
>-10/11/98 last day of period.
>-10/12/98 Little blistery/pimplies at laser site by nose/right eye
>gone. saw Dr. Ravetz, did blood tests including Lyme & HIV, urine
>tests (hormone levels?). cut back on B6 to 80 mg. or less per day.  we
>shouldn't bother testing for viruses yet, since most people have
>anti-bodies to viruses from various points in life, they wouldn't be
>very helpful. stopped Relafen.
>-10/13/98 quadriceps itchy.  small hard stools, slight constipation.
>-10/14/98 right leg feels raw, like skin has been scraped.
>-10/15/98 slight yeast itch. leg pain.
>-10/16/98 saw eye Dr (Eviatar) had reaction to yellow eye drops.
>-10/17/98 slight constipation, slight pain before & after peeing.
>-10/18/98 felt good until dinner, Chinese food :  broccoli, chicken,
>white rice, spring roll, sesame noodles.  some abdominal discomfort
>followed by loose stools & some bladder area pains.
>-10/19/98 ears popping, sounds like I’m in a bubble, no pain (no other
>allergic symptoms like post nasal drip, sore throat).  High pitched
>ringing in ears especially Left ear, all day.  Ate chicken & French
>fries for dinner, caused pain & diarrhea.  Then yeasty itch, put
>yogurt in diaphragm.  Robin thinks I don’t have Guillain-Barré, but
>only pulled muscles, tendons ligaments.
>-10/20/98 ears still ringing though less, and popping.  Legs in some
>pain, metallic taste in mouth.  Itchy, suspect yeast infection (rather
>than herpes) because yogurt helps a bit, took a Diflucan.  Groggy,
>feverish, achy, slept most of the day, vague pains like a bladder
>infection coming on, sinus headache.  Legs ache & pain, especially at
>quadriceps insertion. 11pm took an advil cold & sinus pill. Left ovary
>pain.  constipation.
>-10/21/98 lots of vaginal itching, weird smelling. put in diaphragm
>with yogurt.  lots of general pelvic pain ache/burny like a bladder
>infection, took cranberry. ringing in ears subsiding, (must have been
>a cold?).  pelvic discomfort.  Right ovary pain with Bowel mov.
>(loose), yogurt helping itch a lot.  extreme fatigue, dull pain at
>quadriceps insertion & origin. Saw Dr. Schick, decided to cut down to
>one Naproxen per day.  took advil cold & sinus.  knee supports
>squeezing quad insertion pt./pain, so don’t wear around the house. a
>lot of knee cracking.
>-10/22/98 had pelvic sonogram, mid-cycle, some bladder area pain.
>Fatigue, general feeling of malaise, still occasional ringing in the
>ears.  a lot of the sharp electrical pains/prickles  have increased in
>legs, knees and even elbows & chest.  decided to increase Naproxen
>back to 2/day.  some left ovary pain & bellybutton pain.  Bad
>allergies (red eyes, post nasal drip bad enough to cause nausea & sore
>throat, ears popping even with Claritin-D) some vaginal itching, put
>in diaphragm with yogurt....herpes?  took L-lysine, ate yogurt.
>-10/23-10/25/98  a lot of thigh pain & knee continuous. trouble
>getting to sleep. fatigue. ringing in my left ear comes & goes.  tried
>a half a codeine, only made me nauseous. some Left ovary area pain &
>bladder area. (a little yeasty 10/25/98, put in diaphragm with
>yogurt)  Wore new orthotics 3 hours.  potato broth, tea (hops, elder
>bark & willow) for acidosis. delirious sleep, bad allergies.
>-10/26/98 all Dr. Ravetz tests came out normal, no HIV, Lupus, Lyme,
>syphilis.  Normal hormone levels, glucose, no deficiencies. Referred
>me to new neurologist, Dr. Gopinathan. quite a bit of deep internal
>pain with bowel mov.  Wore orthotics 3 hours.  delirious sleep, groggy
>all day (forgot to take vitamins) very bad allergies. a bit yeasty.
>knees cracking a lot.  bloaty (probably from a green potato?), pangs
>of left ovary area pain.  anger episode, heart pounded for 7 hours
>-10/27/98 added Relafen 1xday again. some ringing in ears & popping.
>I woke up with an amazed smile! no leg pain! Legs felt almost
>pain-free for most of the day, Is this the spontaneous remission they
>mention?  However by evening the tingling & heat returned. bloaty.
>saw Dr. Jacques & went over a lot of questions.  she sees a normal
>follicle on sonogram, probably not a cyst, also polyps in the
>switched from Allegra-D to Claritin-D.
>-10/28/98 ears ringing, popping still, bad allergies, wearing dust
>mask. legs tingly also very tingly neuroma area & bottom of left foot.
>-10/31/98 got period. constipation. craving sweets a little. minimal
>leg pain.
>-11/1/98 heavy flow. constipation. got a lot of sleep last night.
>still wearing knee supports. felt groggy, stupid, bumping into walls,
>tired after eating chinese food.  lots of eye irritation & gook when
>we got back into the city. lower back tension I almost always have
>during my period.
>-11/2/98 some leg tingling, mild constipation, some abdominal
>discomfort/pain, tingling in the bottoms of my feet. went half the day
>without knee supports, didn’t leave home though, my knees really
>burned by evening.
>-11/3/98 I’m getting really scared living alone.  When I got out of
>bed, after about 30 seconds, I lost my balance (almost my
>consciousness) and had to grab onto the wall so I didn’t collapse.
>This happened the other morning as well, I fell back on the bed, like
>a little seizure. a lot of leg pain, ache, some depression, tired.
>-11/5/98 saw Dr. Gopinathan, he says I don’t have GBS, but pulled
>nerves, common among athletes, It could take a long time to heal,
>Naproxen won’t help for nerve inflammation, gave me a prescription for
>Neurontin 100 mg instead (takes a month to start working), knee pain
>is probably unrelated, my blood pressure is very low (100) and I
>should eat more salt especially before & after exercise (get some
>pickles).  Stopped EC Naproxen.  Had Wheat noodles & mushrooms (Dashi
>& noodles) for dinner. Feel feverish, malaise, leg pain, neuroma
>throbbing, headache, a lot of knee pain, bad allergies, some ab pain,
>intestinal upset, nausea.
>-11/6/98 tingly neuroma & bottom of foot. legs ache, some soreness
>(?), I go out my front door ready to take on the world and by the time
>I get to the front door of the building, one flight down, I know I
>won’t be walking more than 4 blocks.  only slept for 2 hours last
>night, increasingly weird sleep patterns & insomnia (or only being
>able to sleep an hour or two. still occasional ringing in left ear.
>-11/7/98 less leg pain, still very weak quads.  Trying to eat more
>salt including drinking Gatorade.  not wearing knee supports, some
>knee pain.  Pain before & after peeing, along with sawdusty stools
>(from sprout salad last night?)
>-11/9/98 pins & needles legs. started Neurontin 1/day. mushy stools.
>-11/10/98 My allergy symptoms, popping ears & ear pain with sore
>throat, which I thought were improving, getting very bad.  hope not
>related to Neurontin.  Also lots of nausea and sore throat. Claritin-D
>did not help at all, almost no sense of taste, Low humidity, should I
>see an eye, ear, nose & throat Dr.?  Ate oatmeal. significant pain
>right to the lower left of my bellybutton. mushy stools.  Horrible
>taste in my mouth will not go away and definite depressed irritable
>mood, like a dark cloud over me. ringing deep in my ears almost like
>my head’s ringing.
>-11/11/98 neuroma pain, wearing orthotics for three hours.  sharp
>right ear pains!
>-11/13/98 Acne
>-11/14/98 much less leg pain! the Neurontin must be working.
>-11/15/98 very little leg pain, still occasional ringing in ears.  Ate
>a Caesar salad (lettuce, croutons, grated cheese, dressing) which
>caused diarrhea (salads seem to do this).  wore orthotics all day,
>neuroma pain.
>-11/16/98 itchy yeasty, took symbiotics (acidophilus), feel not so
>great. walked to K-Mart & post office.  Chicken veg. soup from Veselka
>made me sick, headache then diarrhea.  Bad allergies. General ab
>pain.  sharp uterus pains.
>-11/17/98 throbbing neuroma.  bowel upset all day. bad allergies (it’s
>raining) body aches.  put in yogurt diaphragm for yeasty itch.  took
>wheat bran in yogurt to help bowels.
>-11/18/98 still bowel upset with mushy stools, never seeming to get it
>all out. bad allergies, took a second Allegra-D after 5 hours.  Had
>decaf coffee, 3 hours later had ham & cheese croissant (with my
>vitamins) and then almost instantaneous severe stomach pain, took
>zantac (300 mg) after 2 hours still no relief so I took another
>zantac, some relief, but minimal.  Also I feel incredibly irritable
>and headache, took tylenol for that.  Very yeasty, ate yogurt w/wheat
>bran, it helped somewhat.  burning urination, put in diaphragm with
>yogurt. upped Neurontin to 2 at bedtime.
>-11/19/98 serious yeast infection. taking acidophilus & wheat bran.
>got low blood sugar from not eating, can’t eat anything without nausea
>and aching. depression, no energy, crying feeling hopeless.  Neuroma
>pain, leg pain.
>-11/21/98 burning pain with urination (after sex) legs in pain.
>swollen bite from spider on left knee.
>-11/22/98 swollen painful lump on left side, inguinal lymph gland?,
>right side is fine, painful to walk, tired, groggy, headache and ill
>feeling all day. temperature 99 degrees. itchy, put in diaphragm with
>yogurt.  took valtrex. a bit of acne.
>-11/24/98 itchy, taking valtrex, L-Lysine & yogurt in diaphragm.
>still 2 sore bumps, a little itchy, left inguinal.  uterus pains &
>sharp L ovary pain. Acne/zits.
>-11/25/98 last day (first month) of progesterone cream. lower back
>tension (PMS). very runny nose, took sudafed, bloody nose, tenesmus.
>R ovary pain, ab pain.  went upstate.  Put in Vagistat-1 at night
>(Tioconazole 6.5% 300 mg)
>-11/26/98 woke up with ab pain & soreness, even upper abs.  Less
>allergies upstate, eyes aren’t red!  ab pain, uterus pain,
>bloating/distention, burping.
>-11/27/98 woke up with ab pains, semi-constipated and vaginal itch.
>Headache, agitation, took Premasyn PMS.  Left foot pain, center top
>(where metal is?). allergies much worse.  bitter, metallic taste in
>mouth (related to smoking?).  Herpes prodrome on lip.  Went out for
>dinner, rich German food - caused gas/bloating, headache, took Tylenol
>& Phazyme (simethicone).
>-11/28/98 did a lot of walking, legs feel like silly putty.
>-11/29/98 fatigue, tingly legs, got period. some ab pain, vaginal
>itch, headache. sharp vulva pains, sharp rectal pains, some internal
>uterus (?) pains. temp. 99 degrees.  bloating.
>-11/30/98 heavy flow.  swollen tongue all day.  did lots of walking
>(almost half what I would if I were okay), end of day, legs & soles of
>feet tingling, knees burning, quads even have some sharp nerve pains.
>sensitive teeth, drank potato broth for acidosis, it helped, took an
>extra zyrtek.  athlete’s foot.
>-12/1/98 Groggy all day, could barely function, chocolate cravings.
>Frequent small bowel mov. light coloured, mushy. legs feel like silly
>putty, knee pain.  lower back tension. drank potato broth, very
>bloated/distension. very nerve tingly all over in evening.
>-12/2/98 woke up dizzy, stomach flat! yay! legs wobbly & knee pain.
>added Yeast Defense & B-1 “the nerve vitamin” to daily vitamins. woozy
>and weepy. sensitive teeth (acidosis?) ate an avocado (for
>Alkalinity).  L ovary pains, pains on the right side, getting bloaty
>as the day goes on (could it be supplement related? maybe my dinner
>supps..or from fiber supp...took phazyme, think I’ll take one a day
>for the next few days) headaches.  sharp ear pains.
>-12/3/98 felt ill, almost diarrhea, frequent small very squishy
>-12/4/98 had MRI done on Left knee, lots of knee pain (more after the
>-12/6/98 feel queasy & groggy all day, from emotional stress & I
>suspect a reaction to almond milk.  Herpes prodrome on lip.
>-12/7/98 headache, queasy, groggy all day, dizzy when I stand up.
>-12/8/98 headache, groggy, tired, dizzy (blood draining out of my
>head) when I stand up.  started progesterone cream (2nd month).  sore
>tongue. felt ill, slept most of the day due to malaise. tingly legs.
>-12/9/98 saw Dr. Gopinathan, he said I will probably have patches of
>permanent numbness in my legs even after they are fully healed. He
>also said that B vitamins don’t help, only if there is deficiency
>(B12) or alcohol abuse (B1). sore, dark red, itchy bump appeared on my
>right ear.  Bad allergies (post nasal drip), runny nose, headache,
>achy all over, sore tongue, bitter taste in mouth (definitely related
>to smoking).  thumb itching all day.  sharp shooting ab & vaginal
>pains. herpes prodrome on lip. bloaty. vaginal itch. constipated.
>-12/10/98 slept a long time (I am realising this is typical yeast
>die-off) headache, took half a codeine, it helped. runny nose,
>increased normal vaginal secretions (no itch).  Felt good.  cravings
>for sweets.  After eating Yaffa salad (romaine lettuce, garbanzo
>beans, carrot dressing, cucumbers, tomato) and lunch vitamins I had an
>instant slight headache and body aches.
>-12/11/98 diarrhea from so much salad last night.  Why can’t I digest
>veggies anymore?  Theyíre my favourite food! then constipated (only
>small bits at a time). tired, achy. a lot of sharp uterus pains & knee
>pain, took EC Naproxen which helped a bit.
>-12/12/98 been sleeping a lot! headache that comes & goes. some sharp
>deep shooting vaginal pains.  Decided to stop candida diet until I get
>antifungals (after Christmas), maybe stay with the pau d’arco tea.
>against my best judgment went out to a concert & overexerted my legs.
>-12/13/98 groggy, tired, a little achy.  leg pain, knee pain. still
>boil (?) on right ear. Runny nose.
>-12/14/98 missed apt. with Dr. Ravetz, a little more energy but still
>leg (especially at hips) & knee pain. medium headache, took half a
>-12/15/98 I am noticing that after stopping the anti-candida diet I am
>not so groggy/headachy and have more alertness during the day to get
>things done but many of my symptoms are coming back: ulcer/acid
>stomach, dry mouth, ear pains, intestinal knots after eating, vag itch
>came back with a vengeance, put in diaphragm with yogurt.  It seems to
>me that yeast is a major culprit & there is a lot of it to kill, I
>look forward to doing this when I get back from Venezuela.  Knees have
>not been cracking lately, yay! spoke to Dr. Ravetz, she doesnít want
>to be my Dr. any more????
>-12/16/98 got vaccinations for Yellow Fever and Hep A (immonuglobin,
>good for 2 months) at Traveler’s Health, feel achy, tired.
>-12/17/98 went down on Neurontin to one pill at night, I think it’s
>been causing real depression.
>-12/18/98 constipation, saw dusty stools & loose stools.  boil on ear
>is flaring up again (it was almost gone). leg pain from walking 15
>blocks, has to rest them the rest of the day. Acne starting.
>-12/19/98 fever & aches like when I got the yellow fever shot -
>headache, can’t sleep for more than an hour at a time. have inguinal
>swollen lymph node (?) again. Stopped Nasonex because of more & more
>nose bleeds.
>-12/21/98 bladder pain while peeing again (havenít had that in a
>while). diarrhea.
>-12/23/98 woke up with hives on my face & arms (forgot to take Zyrtek
>last night) first time I’ve had hives in 15 years! squishy stools
>(small amounts at a time.
>-12/25/98 little pimplies/itchy on right knee.  tired, frequent small
>bits of squishy stools which caused a very sore tush!  knee pain.
>1/6/99 - got Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccination at Traveler’s Health
>since returning from Venezuela, my foot (neuroma and more) has been
>hurting, increasing diarrhea and passing undigested foods, back pain -
>upper from stress, leg and knee pain increased - seems different.
>1/13/99 - tried a cider vinegar bath soak (recommended for
>detoxification by Candida & Dysbiosis Info Foundation), feel very
>achy, and a lot of pain & nausea probably from all the rain.
>1/14/99 - legs ache, knees hurt, especially left (on which the spider
>bite? large hive or something back in Dec.) Left inguinal bump is
>back, this is worrying me. some shooting pains uterus/belly.
>1/15/98 - much more burping (and flatulence) since I’ve stopped the
>Zantac.  Bad allergies (post nasal drip galore I think I may have a
>long standing sinus infection, red eyes, put in extra alomide,
>Allegra-D did NOT help - seemed to make it worse, got ear popping) no
>diarrhea today, just small amounts of soft stool, I think that’s
>good.  knees cracking again.  left knee pain like it’s misaligned.
>Lots of left eye irritation.
>1/19/98 - have been staying home, resting the past few days, getting
>lots of sleep.  When it rained my neuroma was in a LOT of pain and the
>pain seems to be spreading deeper into my foot.  Tried magnets on my
>foot, at first they seemed like a miracle pain reliever, then just
>helped a little.  My bowels have been good, brown, soft & well
>formed.  Have been cooking a lot eating tuna-brown rice casserole,
>cabbage/sunflower sprout salad, lemon water, herbal teas (including
>Detox tea), bananas, bagel with garlic & organic cheese. plain yogurt
>with raspberries.  My digestion has been good, except for wiggles in
>duodenal area.  Still a little nose bleeding even without taking
>allergy sprays.
>1/20/99 - woke up with yeast infection, put in diaphragm with yogurt.
>craving chocolate, getting blackheads galore, feeling weepy: PMS!  my
>left foot has pain deep inside (where I once stepped on a nail in
>1987) took EC Naproxen.
>1/21/98 - diarrhea (no ab pains though.  left breast fibrocystic
>(first time since 1991 - from chocolate? being alone? prog. cream? -
>took extra E)
>1/22/99 the extra E is helping my breast.  Raining, very bad allergies
>(nausea from post nasal drip, red irritated eyes), still only able to
>do a few things a day before I feel worn out.  wearing dust mask.
>Occasional pains L ovary and inguinal area.  itchy vaginal area, took
>Lysine and acidophilus.  Very emotional up & down & weepy. now both
>breasts are fibrocystic!  Must be cause I dumped my abusive boyfriend
>and havenít had any human touch in a month :-( that’s the only time
>they flare up. a little rectal itch. Had complete insomnia and tension
>in my head until.....
>1/23/99 - got period and tension eased up the moment I started
>bleeding! neuroma feeling squirmy.  had some ab/uterus/bladder pain &
>inguinal bump.  Took another apple cider vinegar soak, my knees had
>pains, especially left.  Also neuralgia (?) type pains inside & outer
>vaginal area (labia, clitoris everywhere) during the soak.  Neuroma
>pain and deep foot pain (metal in foot ???). left breast still lumpy.
>thighs ache. feel groggy & sleepy (also it is raining) A big shooting
>pain down my left side like lightning flinching pain.
>1/24/99 - cramps. my knees have little bruises and little red dots.
>Vaginal itches, taking Lysine, I think the herbal teas may be
>aggravating my herpes.  internal pain when peeing and with bowel -
>diarrhea, but I feel generally good, clear headed. I’ve been noticing
>that my knees look saggy, I looked closer, it looks like I have
>cellulite on the front of my thighs!  ick, this is very weird. dusty
>yellow diarrhea all day - saw a clear wormy thing floating - looked
>like only a piece of something.  Eating a lot of pumpkin seeds
>(anti-parasitic).  lip licking compulsion. vaginal itch comes & goes
>little twitches.
>1/25/99 - woke up with red skin things around my stomach, apparently
>Iíd been scratching them (red scratch marks) feel clear headed,
>definite squirmy crawly feelings all through outer vaginal area in
>morning and itchy upper back (I get that frequently at night).
>Semi-constipated, frequent small stools, light coloured, almost grey.
>Bagel w/cheddar cheese & garlic. some random ab pains & left inguinal
>area pains.  ate tuna rice casserole, got gassy, heart racy, squirmy
>vagina again. made Clarkia parasite tincture. L ovary area twitches
>and vague pains.  When I lay down to sleep (9pm, I get headache,
>creepy crawlies left leg & knee ‘tractor beam’ feeling in head) can’t
>sleep, it’s more comfortable to stray awake although I need sleep, I
>am exhausted, heart racing when I lay down too. My mother says that I
>moan and whimper in my sleep - I do get that feeling emanating from
>the base of my head. had a splitting headache all night, Tylenol &
>codeine wouldn't touch it, very nauseous, woke up at 2am randomly.
>1/26/98 - bad dust allergy, took Allegra-D, feel good, headache gone.
>took a bath soak in baking soda, felt good but then showering after
>dried my eyes, made them red & ear popping (from Chlorine?), took
>Zyrtek.  feel tired , awake but my eyes want to shut, but not sleep,
>my thighs ache - die-off probably. Ate whole wheat bread with cinnamon
>& lemon juice, pumpkin seeds, P'au d’arco tea. anal tickling & warmth
>- it’s freaking me out! went to DOCS. every time I tried to sleep (so
>exhausted) I could feel something wiggling out of my but, also vaginal
>squirms, finally I put a panty liner into a thong and was able to
>1/27/99 - woke up at 3am, arm aching where she took blood yesterday,
>weird feelings & sensations all thru torso. went back to sleep.  in
>morning checked panty liner, there was smeared feces & liquid -
>something definitely poked out during the night.  feel drained &
>tired, had bagel w/garlic & cheese.  Took stool samples up to 55 E. 34
>St. DOCS.  On the way home bought Guess Who Came to Dinner book, felt
>something poking in & out while I was walking around, also rectal pain
>like something was burrowing.  Got home, heart racing, incredible
>thirst & keep drinking gallons of water, peeing a lot., pains under
>ribs making it hard to breath, dizzy, thinking of going to emergency
>room.  Passed a little something when I went to pee, it just plopped
>out down the toilet, didn’t see it.  Felt a little immediate relief,
>then the thirst and racing heart again.  tried to have a bowel mov.,
>felt something scratching my anus that wouldn't come out - ouch!  I
>have not been able to sit down all day.   took a sip of lemon water,
>immediate movement (of some parasite) in my intestines, felt pricks
>anus, and then a major prick upper abdominal, left of belly button.
>finally had bowel mov, greenish, but didn’t pass anything visible,
>yellow tint on toilet paper.  when trying to sleep felt  squirmy jelly
>feeling in left thigh and sizzling left knee where the “spider bite “
>was - I think there were/are cysts in the joint fluid of my knees!
>also anus & vaginal lips pricks like being stung, also some yellow goo
>coming up into mouth which I spit out.  woke up at 1am, feel gentle
>popping in eyes, my face is flushed like tiny red dots, nose red. woke
>up at 5am - post nasal drip, these are original symptoms that I went
>to Dr.s with in 1990, post nasal drip, fatigue, nausea from drip (they
>said it was dust allergy finally)- it is my feeling that something
>goes thru lungs creating productive cough, goes thru nose that I
>swallow. spitting out as much drip as I can -  also feeling many
>movements in my intestines, not painful, and left foot throbbing where
>I jumped on a nail 1987.  took acidophilus, lemon water and clarkia,
>heart speeds up a bit. took Grapefruit Seed extract nasal spray -
>immediate increase flow down back of my throat, neuroma area pain.
>slight headache coming & going all night. ate plain yogurt with oat &
>wheat bran. felt a little internal twitch by left labia (this is where
>I once had a lump (5 years ago?), went to Gyn and he said it’s just a
>cyst it will go away on its own). period stopped. feel mild but sharp
>pains in eyes/lids.  feeling more clear headed, less nervous. some
>vague pains under rib cage and in center. took echinacea goldenseal
>capsule. had a cigarette, thighs ache a bit. had bowel movement, some
>greenish squishy bits, but still feel semi-constipated, a little left
>ovary area pain.  Should I do a flexible sigmoidoscopy? took a little
>detox tea with GSE, ear pain left, & chest clenching up. tried to
>sleep, tension in head & eyes won’t stay shut - just like after eye
>Dr. in Fall- tension & ache in back upper & lower, feel weak, pain in
>left Knee.  Took a shower, felt something pop out & go back in in a
>split second, it likes the heat & warmth. I also felt a minute after a
>pain twinge at the left ovary place and in my lower back - sacrum &
>lower spinal vertebra (which has been aching, I’ve had this ache
>before, comes & goes, but now it is pronounced). after the shower
>sharp pricks around vagina area like pulling hairs out, put on a panty
>liner to keep area dry.  feel squirming through vulva & left inner
>thigh. getting thirsty, starting heart racing. took a charcoal capsule
>(to absorb toxins).
>1/28/99 - ate an herbal omlette (garlic, fennel, wormwood, pinkroot,
>green hull black walnut) my stomach went into knots, felt tensions &
>releases up & down back & neck, lay down to sleep felt something
>poking up my throat and my heart racing and jumping around like
>something was poking it or frying it.  Decided not to sleep even
>though exhausted.
>this may sound fantastic, but this is what I think - there is a
>parasite living under my tongue in a pouch that gives me a double
>chin, it pokes out into the back of my throat.  my post nasal drip is
>something for the parasites (eggs/food? are they eating my brain?),
>when I spit it out I feel a release in my lower half.  I think these
>parasites have been controlling my body! how when I habitually spit, I
>still swallow a little.  They put something in my lungs, that I cough
>up (white, eggs?).  I can feel them in my stomach, everything is tight
>until I take a bite of pasta & feel a release in my stomach, next bite
>a release under my tongue.  I think my smoking is also part of the
>process, when I quit smoking for 3 years (1990) after a couple months
>a lot of white cheesy stuff came out of my nose for a few days! the
>tinnitus, ear popping, probably parasites!  I feel two lumps in my
>stomach sort of ‘beating’ like a heart.
>passed a scratchy thing looked like a fishing hook, black. lots of
>tension in my back, weird tensions & releases all over my body.  after
>eating some pasta, can’t have a movement, totally blocked. garlic
>seems to be very effective against them.
>1/29/99 - slept from 7 am to 10am, appt. with Drullinsky at DOCS.  He
>didn’t even have test results back - apparently now they have to wait
>another week to see ‘what grows’ don’t they look at the samples via
>microscope?  What if they are dead? dead eggs don’t grow!  The usual
>bloodwork was ‘normal’.  He did some basic tests, thyroid, EKG, chest
>x-ray for pneumonia - when she did the x-ray at the moment she snapped
>the camera something rumbled deep in side, a wave of fluttering, it
>was frightening, then returned to under sternum and calmed down.  when
>trying to take a deep breath for the second x-ray (of course my lungs
>felt clear as I hadn’t eaten or smoked this morning yet) something
>wouldn't let me quite fill my lungs - pulling down.  He says there’s
>no way I have pneumonia, which I had walking pneumonia several times
>as  a teenager, I don’t think that it ever went away completely - the
>thing about these parasites is that how and when to hide.  when I put
>garlic between my toes, I hardly have any or no neuroma pain! I think
>the neuroma must have been a cyst of some sort! All my stools since
>Wed. afternoon have been - either I couldn't push out anything though
>I felt full & ready, or they are green and the texture of a good
>chocolate mousse!  when I take even a little pink root I feel
>immediate tension in back and intestines (also under throat, though I
>think that one may finally be dead! yay! felt some pricks, feel
>immediate reaction to pink root, I am taking papaya enzymes to help
>digest proteins - not sure if that only helps in the
>stomach/intestines or would also help a dead worm in a burrow under my
>chin?) dizziness and incredible thirst and red eyes, drinking water
>now relieves these symptoms, and I pee a lot every ten minutes until
>it passes.  I sometimes feel a pop after taking pink root in stomach
>or intestines and then I burp.  been taking small amounts of pink root
>and clarkia, I want to avoid the uncomfortable rumbling/fluttering,
>heart racing as something coming through the stomach up to my throat!
>I think it is best to kill the biggest first, down to smallest (skin
>mites I suppose)  spoke with Allison at Biamonte (why didn’t I think
>of this sooner! well I was a little freaked out and in a lot of
>physical distress!) she says these are typical cleansing reactions and
>I made an apt for Tues. (that’s the soonest she's available)  Later in
>the day, Jimmie came over, being with him I felt some definite throat
>pains breathing in and some neuroma pain. I took a tiny bit of
>pinkroot and clarkia with the same usual reactions, also pain at pin
>prick where the nurse took blood today (right arm) and dime size
>itching red patch on left deltoid and some rumbling. after initial
>reactions I had slight itchiness all over skin, vagina lips, and hair
>on my head.  I am going to not take any herbs, only garlic, GSE, lemon
>and cloves ‘'til Tuesday when I can hopefully have some good advice to
>get thru this process.  Really itching on my head, the other itchiness
>passed, is dandruff a parasite??  why am I the sweet host for all
>these critters?  I try to be healthy, if I was more toxic, didn’t take
>supplements, they'd probably jump onto someone else! well, the small
>ones anyway!   ate a garlic bagel with cheese and fresh garlic - some
>intense side pains, both sides, like a muscle is being twisted, weird
>taste in my mouth, I’ve never tasted this before.....all these
>discomforts this afternoon are slight compared to what I was going
>thru!!  I also feel a significant relief of distress whenever I pass
>some stool.  I am hyper sensitive, a single scratch on my knee swells
>a bit.  I wonder if this itchiness is a good thing (i.e. something
>dying) or bad (something entering my skin?)  I am not taking an
>anti-histamine though, what's the point? it’s a natural reaction to
>invaders and it will only tax my liver and confuse my immune systems,
>this itch right now is not too bad.  I am not looking for relief of
>symptoms at the moment, I have the luxury now of investigating these
>matters to cure myself!  when I’m in severe physical distress I have
>no appetite and must force myself to eat - eating helps, if I have a
>craving for sweets I try to eat fiber & protein instead.  I am having
>eye gunk production while I am typing, weird as usually only happens
>when I am asleep - except for a short time last fall my eyes went into
>overdrive, I was wiping gunk out of my eyes every twenty minutes until
>I got Alomide and other eye drops from Eviatar.  I need to go to sleep
>1/30/99 - woke up at 7am, felt little pops everywhere in my intestines
>and a sharp ‘bite’ in L ovary area, post nasal drip.  had a bowel move
>- all green & black dusty & water, very smelly. lungs ache, now my
>heart starts racing. something Big was eating the dead little round
>worms? it is a full moon! took charcoal capsule, my stomach feels
>empty, still burping & heart racing, pain in the throat.  more pain in
>throat and itching skin around my neck/clavicle, flatulence galore and
>smelly!  my intestines feel pretty empty except for pains L ovary
>area. stomach gurgling, pain left of belly button, I hope something is
>not traveling up!
>Current Medicines:
>Neurontin 100 mg - for nerve pain in legs. 1/day at bedtime, started
>11/9/98, upped to 2/day at bedtime 11/18/98, lowered back to 1/day
>Zyrtek - 1/day
>Doxycycline 100 mg - 1/Day 12/28/99 thru 1/29/99 (33, 28 + 5, days
>prophylactically for malaria)
>Alomide 1% (Lodoxamide Tromethamine Opthalmic Solution), one drop 2x
>day to get rid of eye irritation (Dr. Eviatar)
>Progesterone Cream (ProBalance) day 10 - day 26 of my cycle, since
>Nov. 98
>Occasional Medicines:
>Allegra-D - 1 or 2/day (I don’t usually digest the white half) from
>7/98 stopped around Jan. 22nd, when I realized that anti-parasite
>herbs stopped my allergic symptoms & also my smoker’s cough! - it
>didn’t last long, but I know once I have resolved these parasites who
>are causing the histamine (not dust!) and the lung gunk (pneumonia?)-
>these symptoms should be gone!! yahoo!
>EC Naproxen for neuroma
>Tylenol (or paracetamol codeine) for headache
>Recent Medicines:
>Nizorol Cream - 2 times a day on creases of nose (sebhhoreac (sp?)
>dermatitis) started stopped 1/99 because it did not help clear up
>redness around nose.
>EC Baby aspirin (81mg) - 1/day started 9/21/98 recommended by Dawn
>Cieplensky. stopped 1/4/99
>Nasonex nose spray 1/day started 10/30/98, stopped in 1999, all these
>nose sprays cause constant nose bleed.
>Zantac 300 mg - 1/2 or 1 before bed, stopped 1/4/99
>Valtrex 500 mg - 2/day for viral, 11/22/98 to 11/28/98
>EC Naproxen  - 2/day since August, stopped 11/5/98
>Relafen 500 - 2/day to 9/23/98, started again 10/8/98, stopped
>10/12/98, started again 10/27/98, stopped 10/28/98
>Lodine 400 - 2/day 9/24 to 10/2/98
>Macrobid  100 mg capsule (Dr. Jacques) - 2x day for urinary tract
>infection 10/2 to 10/10/98.  Ate yogurt and put in diaphragm with
>yogurt every night to avoid yeast.
>Diflucan 150 mg tablet - yeast infection (Dr. Jacques) 9/25/98 -
>helped a lot for three days my abs felt much better, I felt healthier
>10/20/98 - Diflucan 150 mg tablet - yeast infection (Dr. Jacques).
>Stays active in system for several days.
>Nasarel nose spray from July to 10/29/98
>10/8/98 to 10/16/98 Alomide 1% (Lodoxamide Tromethamine Opthalmic
>Solution), one drop 2x day plus Pred Forte 1% (prednisone acetate) one
>drop 4x day for a week to get rid of eye irritation (Dr. Eviatar)
>Jan 23 - 28, 1999
>Dec 25 (?) - Jan 1 (?) 1999
>Nov. 29 -  Dec. 4, 1998
>Oct. 31 - Nov. 3, 1998
>Oct. 6 - 11, 1998
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