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i believe you are talking about a 'bot fly' its kinda interesting.
there was a show on the learning or  disovery channel not too long ago.
this fly selects it human host,
then it lands on him,
then it waits until a certain mosquito is coming to feed on the human
and once the fly spots the mosquito coming
it flies after it and attacks it to the ground
then it lays eggs on the captured mosquito
and i presume flies back to the host to wait another mosquito? or just away?
well the mosquito comes and goes feeding every so often, as mosquito's do
and soon the eggs hatch onto the mosquito and the larvae crawl around on it
soon it returns to feed again
when it lands, some of these larvae fall off onto the host human
they immediatly burrow into and under the skin
where they munch away and grow bigger and stronger
and soon a bulbus kinda small carbuncle forms
and you think damn, i must have an infection or something
or something
apparently sooner or later a infected person will feel movement from within
the form
pinching it didnt remove it, you know like poping a zit.
lance it out, i guess
http://www.petsmart.com/html/horses.html          <----different not human
http://www.med.ualberta.ca/lmp/000p046l.jpg   <----bot fly larvae

alloprimate Manager wrote in message <36BA6515.70D06EC6 at bigfoot.com>...
>Jack Of All Trades wrote:
>> Can someone tell me about parasites that grow under the skin or ' scary'
>> stuff like that?
>> Been hearing stories of :' bitten by something, years later a bumb on
>> your skin forms and burst while ant, spiders, worms or whatever comes
>> out'
>> Can anyone tell me more about these things. Especialy the real stories,
>> names of parasites, where they are foud, cure, treatment etc.
>> I know one thing about contaminated water being drunk and a worm under
>> the skin. Saw a similiar thing like that on TV-show 'ER'
>> Does anyone know the details of that?
>> Thanx, Jack
>You may want to take a look at Mark Blaxter's website at
>http://math.smith.edu/~sawlab/fgn/filgen1.html and read about African
>worm at http://math.smith.edu/~sawlab/fgn/pnb/dracmed.html#bioandepid.  My
>The Nasty Diseases Website, provides links to some very good sites with
>that crawl under the skin.  Just remember, if you are the one with the
worms, it
>is incredibly frightening and painful for the person involved.  There was a
>nice lady on this newsgroup several months ago whose mother died from a
>Strongloides infection.  These small worms worked their way into her organs
>brain and killed her.  This was in Louisiana.  I used to joke about these
>until that happened.  The story of the bumps is in regards to certain
>flies.  If eggs get under the bite wound, maggots can live under the skin.
>Happens alot with dogs, horses, and farm animals.  Humans, too.
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