Moderator for newgroup

Dr. Peter W. Pappas pappas.3 at osu.edu
Sat Feb 20 10:34:19 EST 1999

In response to Kayes' question about the need for a moderator for this
group, and the follow-up question of why a moderator might be needed, just
look at recent messages from "datura" and similar messages posted in the
past.  It seems that some people need a forum for their opinions about
parasites and parasitology, no matter how ridiculous they may be, and I say
let them use bionet.parasitology (freedom of speech and all that).  Also,
such messages provide a great source of teaching material.  More than
anything, they provide excellent examples of the old adage, "A little
information can be a dangerous thing."  On more than one occasion I have
taken these messages to my parasitology class and we have all had a "good
laugh."  Come on folks, keep posting ---- I need fresh material for my

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