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Cathy D cdomokos at msmisp.com
Sun Feb 21 23:18:30 EST 1999

I liked datura's post and found it to be very informative, especially the
links to Ohio State.  I have personally found that the medical system in
general is not helpful at all in identifying parisitic infestations that
exist outside the bowel such as in tissue, blood, & in remote parts of the
body.  I have never been to a physician who has ever once mentioned that
maybe I need to clean up my diet and that maybe some of my
problems are parasitic related.  In order to find out about what to do or
to even know that a problem exists, we the general public who are truly
concerned must go to the 
alternative "health professions".  Getting out the good old garlic might
ignite a few of your students. I am not trying to be disrespectful to you
and hope you take this the way intended.

Dr. Peter W. Pappas <pappas.3 at osu.edu> wrote in article
<7amkkh$ma2$1 at charm.magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu>...
> In response to Kayes' question about the need for a moderator for this
> group, and the follow-up question of why a moderator might be needed,
> look at recent messages from "datura" and similar messages posted in the
> past. 

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