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I went to the site listed below and nothing there suggested that there was any proof that these parasites were real. What the site did confirm however, is that many people believe themselves to be infected with unidentified organisms and I am sure these people are in fact suffering.  Given that Mulder and Scully are not going to add these cases to the X-files, it seems to me that in this day and age of modern molecular biology it would not be too difficult to verify that foreign DNA was or was not present in the material obtained from people suffering UISP syndrome.  Failure to find this DNA would be proof that these organisms are in the mind of the beholders.  

Steve Kayes

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This message is for "Dr. Pappas".

It might interest you to know that the strange parasites described in this
discussion group are real.

Research is now being conducted by three seperate organizations. Perhaps a
little more education about parasitic diseases would benefit you greatly.

Check out www.skinparasites.com. for more information.

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