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Starbee72 at AOL.COM Starbee72 at AOL.COM
Tue Feb 23 00:02:03 EST 1999

Dear Internet User: 

  To start let me say this, I'm tired of the porn email in my email box and
all that click here crap.  I'm a published author in the United States,
Germany and Japan.  I've spend seven hours or more a day for the last two
months researching the topic of Spam on the Internet.  I've learned a lot
about SMTP blocking, reporting Spam, and blocking your email account from
being spammed.  In this time I have practiced everything I have learned in
blocking this crap mail they call professional advertising and in the last few
weeks I have not yet received one piece of Spam.  I wrote a full report on
this process I have developed and did some research on how to get this
information around to the right people.  I've contacted many spammers and did
some price research, what better way to find the Spam haters then to find the
spammer that is spamming them.  I've talked to many well known bulkers as they
like to be called and we made the agreement that I will get to advertise to
there list in return for a profit break.  I'm forced to sell my report for the
reason to pay the advertising fee and keep me alive but on the bright side you
will learn to fight against the horrible porn mail in your email box.  Please
join me in fighting this horrible advertising method that has been on the
Internet for years.  Remember, "Together we stand, divided we fall."

To order my detailed report and provide your help in fighting spam send $15 to
the address below and lets all, together, put a stop to spam once and for all.

K.C. Smith

10 East Louisiana

Evansville, IN 47711

Thank you for your support in this matter. 

Your friend and best man in fight against spam.

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