parasites and cancer

Steve J. Upton coccidia at ksu.edu
Tue Feb 23 09:37:23 EST 1999

I agree that we need a moderator.

I hope the following doesn't open up a series of posts from people
claiming that every oddball parasite causes cancer, but I did some
searching and came up with the following potential parasite/cancer
associations.  These are the only ones that I could find in the
"scientific" literature:

Schistosoma haematobium (Trematoda:  urinary bladder carcinomas in
humans).  Pretty definate.  Many references (i.e. Acta Tropica, 1979,
36: 203-214).

Spirocerca lupi (Nematoda: esophageal sarcomas in canids).  Pretty
definate.  Multiple papers, i.e. J. Parasitol. 1971, 58: 3-22.

Clonorchis sinensis (Trematoda: perhaps gall bladder/bile duct
carcinomas in humans).  Possible.  Many references, i.e. J. Path Bact.
1956, 72: 239-246.

Armillifer sp. (Pentastoma: perhaps Hodgkin's disease in humans).
Highly unlikely.  Ann. Trop. Med. Parasitol. 1975 69: 503-512.

Taenia crassicolis (Cestoda: perhaps sarcomas in the rat intermediate
host).  Possible. Numerous references, i.e. Nigerian J. Sci., 1972, 5,

Spiroptera neoplastica (Nematoda: perhaps malignant epitheliomata in
rats).  Possible.  Series of papers by Fibiger, J.A.G.  Also see
Parasitol Today 1997, 15: 202.

If anyone knows of any more "scientific" reports of different parasite
species causing cancer (NO anecdotes please), then I would like to
receive the references.

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