I am facinated,long message

Johnny Wilfong wilfongs at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 24 09:09:06 EST 1999

I am just a semi educated lay person in parasit. I am a registered med lab
This is a facinating group.
That said, I have a question. I have aquired some allergies on the past few
years - things like cats, dust mites. Benadryl seems to have been the only
reliable drug to calm things down. I do live with cats. I know, stupid huh!
Anyway I had the kitties before I had the allergies and I can't find a home
for them so I am stuck.
I also care for or have cared for many different kinds of animals. Inclusive
of just about all dometicated and farm animals plus a few wild ones
(involved in rescue).
About 2 years ago, I suddenly broke out in something that resembled and
acted like scabies and was treated for it even though scrapings did not show
anything. The treatment did seem to help.  However, not long after I
developed an almost fungal looking rash that was dx seasonal psoriasis and I
was given a perscription for a high power cortical cream. I still have odd
ball rashes that wax and wane and now have develped a couple of lession like
places that feel kind of like a fingernail underneath the surface of the
 Does it sound like any parasite to anybody?

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