parasitology experts needed

Jessica Sanchez Jessanchez at
Sat Jan 9 12:30:13 EST 1999

this is my first post to this newsgroup, and I thought I would use it to ask
for some help.
I am part of an organisation called the United Earth Alliance. The UEA is an
international organisation that works in a non profit basis.
Our aims range from encouraging freedom and respect of human rights, to
developing new technology and protecting the environment.
We need your help, your views and opinions.

In particular we need parasitology experts to help prevent the spead of
these organisms through out the world. We need you to help us develop
prevention schemes.

If you want to help people across the world, both in your own country and in
others, then please consider joining.
You make us what we are.

If you would like to know more, please visit the website,

Thanks for your time


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