Images of Parasites

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Wed Jan 13 18:33:15 EST 1999

One of the most comprehensive sites for images of medically important
parasites is the Atlas of Medical Parasitology at

The web pages of the Attlas start at, but the
real action starts at the URL listed first.


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On 13 Jan 1999, Dayton Lab wrote:

> We are building a collection of parasitology slides and am in need
> of further info on two sources:
> 1) I remembering seeing mention on this list or somewhere in cyberspace
> the fact that someone was in the process of assembling an illustration
> collection on the web to include ALL parasites of man by the year 2000.
> Can anyone refer me to web address of this ambitious undertaking?
> 2) There was a gentleman who actively sold parasitology slides I think
> his name was something like Zehman and was located in the intermountain
> region like maybe Montana or Wyoming. Do any fellow list members know
> if he is still in the business if so an address or phone number would
> be appreciated.
> Thanks
> David Gerrick

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