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Fri Mar 12 09:28:33 EST 1999

  While I appreciate the advice, my search hasn't been restricted to the net,
I have tried Keele university's(England) extensive, but rather old, library,
A nearby medical library and the web. Including catalogues of periodicals
like EDINA and BIDS. I just asked as a last resort and I'm still stuck.

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  "Dr. Peter W. Pappas" <pappas.3 at> wrote:
> You mention that there are "hundreds of SITES discussing the effect on
> hosts...", suggesting that your search for information has been confined to
> the web.  I suggest you try a library.  There is a respectable body of
> literature (original research articles, reviews, and books) on the "cost" of
> parasitism to hosts and parasites, but it's not necessarily easy to find,
> and one has to search it out.  Learning to use the original literature is a
> very important part (perhaps the most important part) of any research or
> writing project, and this is something that all biology students should
> learn.

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