Help wanted : wrong host parasites

Jean-Etienne s950171 at
Mon Dec 11 16:01:39 EST 2000

Hello !

I am a student in Zoology at the University of Liege, in Belgium. We
have a work to do on parasites. But there is so much information on
the internet I don't where I could begin.

The subject is abour what risks a human when (s)he is infested with a
parasite and (s)he is not the correct host (I call that 'wrong host'
but I don't know if it is right).

Does anyone have good links about wrong host parasites infesting
humans ? Or a good book ? Or can someone give me some examples so I
can start a net search ?

Many many thanks in advance,
Jean-Etienne Poirrier
(jepoirrier at

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