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Coccidia are protozoan parasites that live in host cells. Dogs become
infected when they ingest oocysts (infective stages) in contaminated
food, grass or water. Infected dogs excrete oocysts in their feces and
this is how a diagnosis is made. Coccidiosis in dogs (Isospora canis,
Isospora ohioensis et al.) is usually mild and is treated with
sulfadimethoxine, an antibiotic. There are no public health
implications and the dog will develop immunity. If diarhhea continues
then I would look for another cause of illness.

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riallynne at (Riallynne) wrote:
> Can anybody tell me  what the effects are of Coccidea.  I'd
> appreciate it!!!
> My new pup, a Yorkshire Terrier,  went to the vet and that's what
> he said she
> had.  HELP!!!

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