Proceedings of Trypanosomatids Conference (TICSTT)

Alberto M R "Dávila" amrdavila at
Mon Apr 30 19:03:32 EST 2001

Dear colleagues,

I have just noticed the proceedings of the Third Internet Conference on
Salivarian Trypanosome and other Trypanosomatids is now available at the
International Journal for Parasitology (Volume 31, Issue 5-6, 1 May 2001)

We have just received a number of reprint request, but actually everyone
can donwload all the PDF files for free !

Kind regards,

Alberto and Kevin

Alberto M. R. Dávila        (lab)davila at
DBBM/IOC/FIOCRUZ                         amrdavila at
Av. Brasil 4365, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. 21045-900
Voice: 55-21-598-4526
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