[Parasitology] parasite infestation in aquaculture

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Wed Jan 4 09:49:24 EST 2006

Dear Simon Jones,

I am working for a fish farming in Corsica. A significant share of our 
production corresponds to the exploitation of Argyrosomus regius. The current 
production represents 150 tons per year.  
Actually, we have a problem with a parasite. The veterinary surgeons indicate 
the presence of Monogenea, belonging to the genus Microcotyle, parasitizing 
the gills of the fish, it is probably Microcotyle pancerii known in Umbrina 
cirrosha. Our losses were significant (14, 5 tons of adults since August 2005 
and 3 tons the young specimens only for December 2005).

Mechanical actions were carried out on the exploitation in order to ensure of 
the optimal sanitary arrangements: change of the nets, exits of mortalities in 
cages every 2 days.  The purpose of these actions are to eliminate the eggs 
from the parasite which could stagnate in the cages.
The temperature of water is in constant reduction since the beginning of 
October.  This phenomenon, undoubtedly, contributed to the reduction in 
mortalities in particular in the adults but do not seem to have of effect on 
the young specimens whose mortalities are in increase.

We are interested today in Praziquantel which is likely to limit the parasitic 
infestation.  To date, no medicamentous food containing Praziquantel is 
known.  The product must thus be incorporated in the usual food of fish.
This product is, indeed, a very bitter product that do not appreciate fish.  
Additives (Oil of fish, Paraffin oil, vegetable Glycerin, fish Protein) were 
tested but none made improvement to the taste of the preparation.  The fish 
continue to refuse the treatment.  The current difficulty is thus to mask the 
taste of Praziquantel.

I would like to know if you have any experience and councils in such parasitic 
problem? If you know Praziquantel or other product against monogenetic 
infestation? If you know additives to mask taste of the product? And finally, 
if you know mechanical actions to limit infestation (frequence of change of 

Our company encounters difficulties today, and we hope that you will be able 
to give us some useful information.

Best regards

Sonia Ternengo
Gloria Maris Production 
10 cours général Leclerc
20000 Ajaccio

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