new address

Mikeuchi mikeuchi at TANSEI.CC.U-TOKYO.AC.JP
Thu Jul 1 00:37:11 EST 1993

     I moved from RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical
     Research, Solar Energy Research Group, Saitama, Japan) to University of
     Tokyo this April.  Please use my new address:

     mikeuchi at

     On the other hand, my former address in RIKEN (r19600 at
     is still active for the other lab member, Drs. Yorinao Inoue, Teruo Ogawa,
     Taka-aki Ono, Jian-Ren Shen, etc.

     With best regards,
     Masahiko Ikeuchi

     E-mail address: mikeuchi at
     tel:            03-3467-1171 ext.431
     fax:            03-3485-2904 (Department Office)
     Department of Biology
     University of Tokyo
     Komaba 3-8-1
     Meguro, Tokyo 153

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