Journal articles for undergrads?

Bill Williams bwilliam at
Tue Jul 6 09:39:59 EST 1993

I'm going to be teaching plant physiology this coming semester, and I'd
like to assign a couple of papers for the students all to read. The
class will consist of undergraduates, typically with about 5 semesters
biology including introductory, genetics, ecology, and some general
plant biology.  They normally do a fair bit of paper-reading, but only
to research a substantial lab report that they must write themselves,
and I'd like to add one or two papers that they'd read all together and
discuss in class.

I would appreciate suggestions for some papers in plant physiology that
are (1.) accessible to undergraduates, that is, not terribly full of
jargon and in widely circulated journals, and (2.) of reasonably broad
interest and importance.  It would be nice if they were fairly
current, too, but that's not nearly as important.
William E. Williams, bwilliam at
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