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AU Bock-R.  Hagemann-R.  Koessel-H.  Kudla-J.
TI Tissue- and stage-specific modulation of RNA editing of the psbF
   and psbL transcript from spinach plastids - a new regulatory
SO Mol-Gen-Genet.  1993 240(2)  P 238.
AB 32400238.438

AU Marquardt-J.    Bassi-R.
TI Chlorophyll-proteins from maize seedlings grown under intermittent
   light conditions.
SO Planta.  1993 191(2)  P 265.
AB 31910265.425

AU Meierhoff-K.  Westhoff-P.
TI Differential biogenesis of photosystem II in mesophyll and
   bundle-sheath cells of monocotyledonous NADP-malic enzyme-type
   C_[4] plants: the non-stoichiometric abundance of the subunits of
   photosystem II in the bundle-sheath chloroplasts and the
   translational activity of the plastome-encoded genes.
SO Planta.  1993 191(1)  P 23.
AB 31910023.425

AU Palmqvist-K.
TI Photosynthetic CO_[2]-use efficiency in lichens and their isolated
   photobionts: the possible role of a CO_[2]-concentrating
SO Planta.  1993 191(1)  P 48.
AB 31910048.425

AU Badger-M-R.    Pfanz-H.  Buedel-B.  Heber-U.  Lange-O-L.
TI Evidence for the functioning of photosynthetic CO_[2]-concentrating
   mechanisms in lichens containing green algal and cyanobacterial
SO Planta.  1993 191(1)  P 57.
AB 31910057.425
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