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Jonathan B. Marder MARDER at
Fri Jul 23 04:58:49 EST 1993

Dear Colleagues,
   I recently switched to reading news (inc. bionet.photosynthesis) direct
from my PC rather than via our VMS system.  This saves me lots of time and
inconvenience in almost every aspect ... EXCEPT .....
   Scanning the Journal Contents has now become a real pain since I do not
have the software set up.  In fact for the past couple of weeks I have been
doing this manually.  I thus wish to re-evaluate this service with a view to
discontinuing it:-

1.  My information source is bionet.journal.contents which is available via
Netnews or on request to Biosci at (Americas + Pacific Rim) or
Biosci at (Europe, Africa, rest of Asia).  You would need to do
your own searches (I can provide script for doing this on a VMS system).

2.  All back issues of the FULL listings (not photosynthesis extracts) are
indexed for retrieval via wais.  (Details published periodically).  Dave K.
also recently announced a wais <-> email gateway which theoretically (i.e.
 I haven't tried it) gives everyone search capabilities.   Send the message
HELP to WAISMAIL at NET.BIO.NET for details.

3.  I am not sure how good my searches are - I almost certainly have
consistently missed certain types of articles (a warning to any who relied
on the service exclusively).

I thus believe that little would be lost if I "relieve" myself of this self-
imposed obligation.  I invite your comments/suggestions (preferrably in
public via the newsgroup).
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