Charter for PHOTOSYN/Bionet.photosynthesis

Sun May 9 09:50:00 EST 1993

Charter for PHOTOSYNTHESIS/bionet.photosynthesis:

E-mail address: photosyn at
                photosyn at

Discussion leader:  		    ,  	   Jonathan B. Marder
   Internet: MARDER at AGRI.HUJI.AC.IL |      Department of Agricultural Botany
   Bitnet:   MARDER at HUJIAGRI        | /\/  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
   Phone:    (08 or +9728) 481918   |/  \  Faculty of Agriculture
   Fax:      (08 or +9728) 467763   /      P.O.Box 12, Rehovot 76100, ISRAEL

The Photosynthesis Researchers' newsgroup will serve the interests of
professionals and students involved in all aspects of Photosynthesis
research.  This service has until now been provided by a distribution list

Here are some examples of use of the list:-

- Requests for technical information regarding protocols, materials,
  equipment, etc., used for photosynthesis-related research.

- Advertisement of academic positions and requests for employment
  (including postdoctoral positions, studentships, etc.)

- Distribution of photosynthesis-related journal listings
  Full listings:- Photosynthesis Research, Plant and Cell Physiology,
                  Photosynthetica, BBA (Bioenergetics section).
  Extracts     :- By a keyword search of bionet.journals

- Announcement of scientific meetings.

- Other assorted announcements

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