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Sun May 9 11:04:03 EST 1993

Dear Photosynthesis Researchers,

   We are now running as a part of USENET.  The former "Photosynthesis
Researchers' List" has now been reconfigured.  Welcome to existing
subscribers and newcomers alike.  I will shortly be posting the group
charter. You can now do away with your subscription and read
bionet.photosynthesis using a newsreader (see last section).  Confused?
You may be reassured by the following points. Please take note of the
new list addresses etc.

How to maintain your email subscription
If you were already subscribed, you are STILL subscribed and will
remain so until you decide otherwise.  However, the list has been
split into two sections now managed by:-
     biosci at net.bio.net (for Americas and Pacific Rim countries)
     biosci at daresbury.ac.uk (for Europe, Africa, Central Asia)
Future, (un)subscription requests/changes should be addressed to the
appropriate Biosci address (remember to specify the photosynthesis

How to post email for distribution to the list/newsgroup
  Email for the newsgroup should be directed to photosyn at net.bio.net
or to photosyn at daresbury.ac.uk.

What happens to email to LISTSERV at TAUNIVM and PHOTOSYN at TAUNIVM?
For the time being, we have done clever tricks on LISTSERV at TAUNIVM so
that any subscription requests or email for PHOTOSYN are suitably
redirected - i.e. full functionality is maintained!!  However, I give
notice that this support is of now UNNOFFICIAL and may be cancelled at
any time (e.g. if problems develop).

USENET access
You are encouraged to interact with bionet.photosynthesis using newsreading
software.  Check if you have a newsfeed + software available on your
campus.  Once you have this mastered, you will probably want to CANCEL your
email subscription (direct your request to the appropriate Biosci address)
and read bionet.photosynthesis exclusively via a newsreader (no more
cluttered mailboxes!).

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