European Journal of Biochemistry, vol. 214, no. 1, 1993

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Mon May 17 11:49:54 EST 1993

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CC Photosynthesis-related Contents
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CC European Journal of Biochemistry                       ISSN 0014-2956
CC Volume 214 Number 1 (1993)                code 225  file T3214001.225
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AU Forkl-H.  Vandekerckhove-J.  Drews-G.  Tadros-M-H.
TI Molecular cloning, sequence analysis and expression of the gene for
   catalase-peroxidase (cpeA) from the photosynthetic bacterium
   Rhodobacter capsulatus B10.
SO Eur.-J.-Biochem..  1993 214(1)  P 251.
AB 32140251.225

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