HID lamp information, please!

Mats.Bjork Mats.Bjork at fysbot.uu.se
Fri May 21 14:35:02 EST 1993

On 12 May 93 19:28:20 GMT, Bill Williams wrote:

>We're doing gas-exchange work here, and we're looking for a good light
>source without too much far red in it (we've been using a
>quartz-halogen outdoor-light fixture and it turns out to be way too FR
>rich).  We're thinking of going to a mixed-metal halide HID lamp, but
>we don't have the appropriate catalogs or contacts.  The only company
>we've been able to contact so far is Sylvania, whose HID lighting
>division has just been purchased by Osram and who are therefore VERY
>slow to deliver (6-week minimum -- by then the summer is nearly over
>and we're back thinking about teaching instead of research :-( ).
>So:  can anyone supply me with manufacturer(s) [other than Sylvania]
>and part number(s) for both mixed-metal lamps and fixtures to hold
>them?  I'd really appreciate it.

We have just started to use a new light source which has very good spectral 
properties. It is similar to sunlight in PAR but cuts all 
other wave lenghts, it has a spectral cutoff against the far red at about 
700 nm. The lamp can be connected to a computer and be programmed to 
change the lightintensity (without changing the spectrum) in desired ways.
We have just started to use it and it seems good, you can get more 
information from the company which is called "Illuminova" in Upppsala 
Sweden Fax: +46 18 533021 
                        Mats Bjvrk

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