Postdocs in physical bioinorganic chemistry

Sue Brown sbrown at
Fri May 21 13:52:57 EST 1993


I am currently a PhD student, writing my thesis on the physical chemistry of 
inclusion complexes (specifically in cyclodextrin systems).  I hope to 
finish writing within the next few months.  I have a few enquiries about 
postdoctoral positions in the general area of physical bioinorganic chemistry, 
eg, electron transfer in proteins, binding of substrates to enzymes, molecular 
recogniton, etc.  As this is slightly outside the area I currently work in, 
it is hard to know who the leading researchers around the world are (despite 
the huge amount of reading I have been doing).

I suppose I have two general enquiries:

1. Who do you think the leading researchers in these areas are?
I am basically a physical chemist, so I am only interested in 
physical measurements on biological
(or model) systems, and not in the synthetic aspects of this work.

2. If anyone knows of any interesting postdocs in physical bioinorganic 
chemistry ... I'd love to know!

I can send a copy of my Curriculum Vitae to anyone who is interested.

It would be most appropriate to reply to me by email, and thanks for any 
info you can give me,


P.S. I posted this request to sci.chem a week or two ago, and got some 
interesting responses - just thought I'd try the biochemistry perspective
on things versus the chemistry perspective!

Sue Brown
Department of Chemistry, University of Adelaide, South Australia 5005
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