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> Hi,
> 	I am interested in putting together a high intensity light
> source comprised of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for use in
> photosynthetic measurements.  . . .

[stuff deleted]

> I would like a maximum intensity (PAR)
> at the leaf surface which is equivalent to full sunlight. This
> is about 400 mW over a 10 sq cm area. Based on some
> preliminary measurements I estimate that the necessary maximum
> flux could be acheived if I could collect light from 50-100
> LEDs.  Has anyone attempted anything like this using, perhaps,
> integrating sphere physics?  Alternatively, are there any
> North American companies which specialize in fiberoptic
> coupling to LEDs? The latter idea is based on collecting the
> light from an individual LED into an optical fiber then
> bundling all the fibers.
> Richard B. Peterson   New Haven, CT USA
I have in front of me the Hansatech catalogue which lists a light source
consisting of 36 ultra-bright LEDs which is supposed to give 1000
micro-mols per sq. metre per second (i.e. about half of full sunlight).
This is run off a control box which can be interfaced to a PC.
List price for LED assembly (LH36U) is 380 pounds sterling.
List price for control box (LC1) is 500 pounds sterling.

You can contact Hansatech by Fax - +44 760 337303
                     or by phone - +44 760 338877

My only connection with Hansatech is as a customer.
You should also check out Walz (Germany) who make the PAM fluorescence
system.  Sorry, but I don't have any specific information.

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