Wed May 26 14:58:14 EST 1993

Tag Dr. Peter,
        We used to encounter the same problem as you do. It is such a common
problem that we've come across a few papers written on it. The most cited
reasons are 1. reducing agents such as DTT and B-mercaptoethanol, 2. skin and
saliva proteins - judging by antibody reactions. In short, the sample buffer is
the culprit. We have two solutions to this: 1. instead of making up a big
bottle of it and storing it at room temperature, aliquot it in microfuge
tubes without reducing agents, freeze it and discard unused portion; 2.
alternatively, you may want to try adding iodoacetamide (150 mM) to the sample,
incubate at room temperature for 30 min before adding the sample buffer and
treat as usual.
        We don't have the references at hand right now. But if you want them,
simply reply. 
        Aufweidersehn! (Actually, we are not too sure the proper way in German
to end a letter.)
wai ching hon
michael ian wilson
Dept. of Biology
University of Waterloo

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