potentiometric spectroscopic measurements?

Mike Everly meverly at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Wed May 26 12:20:16 EST 1993

Hello everyone:

     I am glad to see this news group getting some use these days. 
Hopefully we can continue to exchange our ideas on photosynthesis topics
and research methods.  Now with that said, I hope you can share your
expertise with me about the following.  I am planning to do some
potentiometric spectroscopic measurements on thylakoid membranes and
isolated complexes.  I would appreciate any comments/references concerning
methodology and instrumentation for such measurements.  I do not need
information on the "basic" ideas and setup since I have done my homework. 
What I am looking for are those helpful hints that often are not published,
good equipment suppliers, recommendation on electrodes and related
equipment, and insights learned by trial and error.

Thanks in advance for your time!!!


Mike Everly

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