Identity of g=1.92 signal in photosynthetic cyanobacteria ?

Wei-Zhong He wzh at rio2.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Dec 13 14:52:58 EST 1994

Hello, there,

In late '70s and early '80s, there were a number of reports about a iron-sulfur
species found in photosynthetic cyanobacteria (then called blue-green alga).
It shows an EPR signal of g=2.05, 1.92 at low temperature and has mid-point
potential of -270 mV (Cammack et al. 1979). It was found slightly later that
is was a membrane-bound NADH/NADPH dehydrogenase (Sandman & Malkin 1983).

I wonder if there is some expert in this area who can tell me whether the true
chemical identity of this component is known or not. Is it a [2Fe-2S] or
[4Fe-4S] cluster? Has the gene/protein been isolated/sequenced?

Thank you very much in advance.


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